You failed to warlocks blizzard!

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10/22/2018 10:11 AMPosted by Zubdub
lol the warlock QQ is sad. Affliction is the best caster spec BY FAR. Everybody wants a warlock for groups, high damage and a !@#$ton of utility. Destro is doing fine too.

Demo and PVP idk, but at least you aren't a shadow priest.

grow a pair of nuts and post on your main!.
With the changes to shadow priests, i guess is now the turn to warlocks, affliction warlocks really need some love, we need more AoE, more Survival, more healing. Also i would like to fix dots to do damage to totems and flag carriers, sucks not to be able to do what other classes do. A base line interrupt would also could be helpful.

I think I need to read up on how to use affliction my dps us awful
I don't care about PVE. Warocks have been an lack luster experience since WOD. Since they began the great prune we no longer have situational abilities to mitigate melee or casters.

Being a WPVP, and BG warlock. The experience has been lack luster to say the least. The other day I was 1v1ing a Enhance, and Ret. They both out healed my damage. I did everything I could do as Destruction to prolong my death, and the reward? Them ending at 100%.

Seduce needs to not be a CD ability. Entrenched in flames needs to be base line. Netherward needs to be base line or give us Twilight Ward back. The list goes on.

We are effectively a TBC caster fighting against different flavors of MOP melee mobility, and damage. I liked this game better when PVP wasn't centered around rated play, and people used to actively learn their classes.

To say these classes are more complex now than five expansions ago is a lie. What is the point of playing BFA? You get nothing new. You do not obtain a new ability after level 100.

I'll be honest here guys. It isn't just warlocks that are in trouble. It's casters in general. Sure I can free cast, and erase people when they're "low" but what about when it's a 1v1 encounter or a 1v2 encounter? Shouldn't a player be rewarded for effectively mitigating two players at once? Shouldn't skill be the proven factor here?

These classes are nothing but 1,2,3,4 button rotations. With filler CC or escapes if you're melee.

I have only had the patience to shoot for 2k in 3s, and 2.1k in RBG's. I have at least 500k HK's, and most of them being on my warlock.

I just wish this game was more complex than what it is currently. I don't know about you guys but i'll be waiting for classic.
yeah, the state of the class is shameful, not sure why blizzard devs cant see it or willful to fix it, negating a class to access pvp shouldnt happen, also negating a class doing what other classes can do with 1 button (AoE) neither helping, you just need to read the forums to see why people isnt happy with BFA.
ITT: People who can't understand the problem is pvp not pve.
Blizzard should wonder why you dont see warlocks in arenas or BGs
10/28/2018 11:17 AMPosted by Pikalegion
ITT: People who can't understand the problem is pvp not pve.

The problem IS PvE, because the game gets balanced around how well we do there. That means PvP gets put to the wayside, extra problem is that PvE is boring too though. Plenty of reasons why it is boring, lack of depth in the specs, too centric on a 3 min CD for two of the classes. Analyze how we are performing in PvE though, and many developers would say, “Look at the numbers the class is fine!“... we all know that to not be the case for PvP, worse yet, it is uninteresting for PvE as well. To make matters worse, there is very little skill expression in PvE now, and that means just bringing the most geared player rather than the one best at their class.
How long will pass until blizzard help warlocks, its totally not acceptable to keep a class out of pvp and arena content, also negating half of the spec to affliction damage is bad class design, give us AoE, our dots damage suck badly, you broke them intentionally, sucks to do ST damage only every 3 minutes when darkglaire is up. How long until we move from beta?? Class unbalance is a thing so far.....
Why you give us talent choices if those talents arent balanced at all between them? You only made viable some of those talents to gives the illusion that we have options, when in reality if you dont pick certain talents your damage will suck? And also why you keep ignoring us??
new ptr download, but still zero update for changes for warlocks. we are still waiting blizzard.
zero updates for warlocks, i guess this is their way to keep warlocks in their radar for 8.1, just more lies while the expansion ends.
10/16/2018 12:56 PMPosted by Loslof
Affliction Warlocks are currently the premier ranged DPS spec in the Game, hands down. Outside of the 1st raid of Legion, they have been the premier ranged DPS spec in the game for two and a half Xpacs. And not just in Raiding. In all PvE content. They do not need any help of any kind.

And this is why the game now a is a dumbed down, pruned crappy version of what it once was. Players like Smart Boy above fails to understand what is being said, and how it's related to PvP.

It's really old already, when someone does a PvP complain and the Dragonslayers come saying everything is fine because they do ok against their always-do-the-same-thing PvE boogeyman.

Probably one of those guys that buys a ring instead of a weapon and ruins PvP vendors for everyone. It's bull**** reason from Blizzard, but could as well be true. Smart Boy needs an easier game.
Blizzcon its over, no new information on warlocks even when the patch is really close to hit live servers, i guess they will just give us demon armor pvp talent and call it a day. Just watched how many warlocks were in the arena world championship, zero of them. How many warlocks were in the MDI teams, zero. Only rogue, mage, DHs for the dps classes, they have too much utility and too much aoe, no downsides.

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