Poor tooltip issues

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In the recent Q&A, Ion went over how many tooltips had insufficient information to make an informed decision on which trait to choose or which trait would serve to be the best in a given situation.

That being said, I happened to take a look at the druid trait "Power of the Moon," a trait that can be read below in its current and newly updated forms below:

  • Moonfire deals 544 additional damage instantly, and has a 5% chance to grant you Lunar Empowerment.
  • PTR
  • Moonfire deals 72 additional periodic damage, and has a chance to grant you Lunar Empowerment.
  • The shift from instant damage to periodic aside, why is there a need to remove clear percentage chances from tooltips? It's in direct opposition to what was discussed in the Q&A, as the removal of that figure removes any gauge to evaluate the effectiveness of choosing a given trait. What gives?
    They want opaqueness to dumb down the audience. Then we can't make informed decisions and left in the authoritarian hands of blizzard. At every turn, it feels like the sociologists and psychologists designing this game are trying to make us as docile and addicted as possible. Starting to remind me of mobile gaming.

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