Resurgent ESB - Bleeding Hollow (Horde)

Guild Recruitment
Hello and welcome to our official recruitment thread, we are Resurgent ESB!

We are looking for Raiders and M+ members for our core guild teams!

Website -
Discord -
Founded - Summer, 2010
Member Count - 700
GM - Darkpenx
RL= Zwinkz

Our main focus on recruitment is finding Skilled, Reliable, Mature raiders to help progress our team forward primarily Raiding and Mythic+. Resurgent’s Raid Team has just returned from its break since Hellfire Citadel. Much of the core is returning, but in order to raid mythic in Battle for Azeroth, we are recruiting loyal and reliable players to get the most out of our two weekly raid nights.

Two nights a week - Tuesday & Wednesday 9-12 EST:
As we grow older our work, family, children and other obligations take more of our time. Thus we have limited the time we spend raiding. We make the most of these two raid nights resulting in Resurgent being one of the most efficient two-day raiding guilds.

We expect you to be honest, reasonable and upfront with us. We will offer you a place to grow, a place where your voice is heard, and you will not just be another raider in the roster. It will be a place to find friends, and a place to raid the hardest content when it is still relevant. Most of all we appreciate reliability, as skills can always be improved.

Our raid leader is Zwinkz , one of the most decorated and loved raid leaders of the community. With several world firsts and realm firsts you will be able to raid with one of the greats of this game and learn valuable raiding experience.

Also if you are looking for geared, well mannered M+ team members to run with regularly, you should visit our discord listed above and see if you like our groups. We pride ourselves on an adult, easy going atmosphere. If that sounds like you, come join us!

For any other comments or questions, please visit our discord above!
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I love the amount of people online every time I log on. It is easy to find folks to play with , and chat with. I love this guild for that and so much more.
Still recruiting.
Come check us out!
We still have open spots :)
come check us out!
Still recruiting :)

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