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Probably right now. Chose to level a mw monk. Been something I've wanted to try for awhile just wasn't sure I felt like the grind after all the allied races I did previously.
...but I'm immensely enjoying the spec and really found a lot of love for Silverpine's, Tirisfal, Hillsbrad zone quests. Mutant chickens, sea dog poop stories, my boy Orkus, Valkyrie rides, and more... <3.
I unusbbed it was great 13 days and counting til I'm not even paying with gold anymore. Prior to that uh MoP I guess maybe. Some of the mage towers at lower gear levels were kind of fun.
After a really bad day yesterday today is much better,& I am doing much better. Atm im on my monk adventuring all over azeroth doing my fave event ingame . Working on getting a toy and kitty battlepet this time around. Also i still have a zillion alts to try and get the mount !
Killing Mythic Vectis last night with my guild!
Had some really nice drops the last week, jumped from ilvl 368 to 374 in 2 days with a few BiS. So that was really nice.

Also enjoying the guild I'm in, raid nights are good nights.
The Drustvar Witch coven storyline was enough to keep me up finishing it half the night. Enjoyed it.
If it was all like that I think I could stay interested in questing
Spud is about the only thing I'm really excited about in this whole xpac. I'm in full meh-mode.
Finally getting H zul down, took our guild a fair few attempts
It's not exciting but I enjoyed using the Pandaria timewalking event to cap anglers rep. It is pleasant to be rewarded in a reasonable amount of time, compared to the tedious misery grinding legion rep has been.
I haven't been playing much lately, but the other day I did get a whisper from a random person in-game saying how he liked my transmog. He said I looked like a Stormwind guard on a rampage or something like that.
I really enjoyed the Drustvar storyline, but I have a feeling I might have missed some of it - unless more becomes available at 120.
Idk, but I finished unlocking my Lightforged Draenei and made progress towards unlocking Void Elves. Imo having the option is pretty nice!
Saving myself 15 bucks today and unsubbing, felt great!
Well it was today!! The Infinite Timereaver mount dropped for me today from Gu Cloudstrike in the Shado Pan Monastery dungeon!


I may never ride a different mount again!!
actually just now. I want say what. but I guy just completely gave me everything before he deleted his account. I could believe it. you must really not like the game to do that.
I've been having a lot of fun with my RP guild, lately. Entertaining and fun.
After 18 days of not logging in, the most fun I had with wow was seeing today was the last day and officially I stop supporting blizz.

I wish there was a law for partial game time refunds because after pathfinder part 1 was done this expansion became an immediate waste and I want to give blizz the least amount of money possible for this.

BFA isn't so much a game but a blast of manure covering my yard I had to spend 2 months cleaning up, it wasn't fun, it wasn't engaging, they just dumped a pile of chores in my lap and told me how much I like cleaning up crap over and over.

I Love this game, please stop destroying it and dictating to me how much I like the mess you made.
Hitting level 120 and then unlocking Void Elf.

Now only if I can find a class as fun as Ret Paladin for my VElf!
First time getting to Northrend during Wrath. Nothing beats the first time encountering end game content during a current expansion and my introduction to World of Warcraft really began when I first began questing on the Borean Tundra.
The last moment I truly enjoyed in the game was back in Wrath. Toward the end of the expac, I became very active on my server and pugged raids very often. While pugging Onyxia 25-man once, one of the healer trinkets dropped and I noticed it was part of a set which I was now determined to farm. For the next 4 months, I pugged Ony 25 every single week, and in the process I became well-known on my server for hosting chill and successful PUGs. Well, finally after 4 months of farming, the other trinket dropped. Since most of the people in the PUG knew me by that point and how much effort I put in every week to leading groups to get the trinket, everyone passed on the roll and let me have it.

What none of us knew at the time was that 45 mins later I would do my weekly ICC25 clear and Althor's Abacus would drop and I would win it, immediately rendering my fresh trinket set obsolete. Still, that was the most enjoyable moment I had both for myself, and for the WoW community.
Tanking 10-man ICC and downing LK when it was current.

Getting the Mage tower skins on my three tanks: Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior

FINALLY getting the achievement “Less-Rabi” that completes the Wrath dungeon hero achievement - back during Wrath.

Completing the Frostmourne questline on Lily

An RP event where my group RP walked from SW to Menethil Harbor (in Wrath) discussing the current events and the inevitable fall of the Lich King.

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