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10/19/2018 12:59 AMPosted by Zantesuken
The last moment I truly enjoyed in the game was back in Wrath. Toward the end of the expac, I became very active on my server and pugged raids very often. While pugging Onyxia 25-man once, one of the healer trinkets dropped and I noticed it was part of a set which I was now determined to farm. For the next 4 months, I pugged Ony 25 every single week, and in the process I became well-known on my server for hosting chill and successful PUGs. Well, finally after 4 months of farming, the other trinket dropped. Since most of the people in the PUG knew me by that point and how much effort I put in every week to leading groups to get the trinket, everyone passed on the roll and let me have it.

What none of us knew at the time was that 45 mins later I would do my weekly ICC25 clear and Althor's Abacus would drop and I would win it, immediately rendering my fresh trinket set obsolete. Still, that was the most enjoyable moment I had both for myself, and for the WoW community.

That’s a great story. I bet that was a fun raid for all to be in then - good vibes throughout.
Unsubbing felt pretty good,
10/19/2018 12:51 AMPosted by Dalesong
First time getting to Northrend during Wrath. Nothing beats the first time encountering end game content during a current expansion and my introduction to World of Warcraft really began when I first began questing on the Borean Tundra.

Having started in BC and then riding the ship from Menethil harbor to Howljng Fjord - Valgarde i believe it’s called - and hearing that organic, crisp violin play as I rode the channel completely sealed the deal for me. Wrath was real. It wasn’t spacey. It wasn’t far out. It was natural. And real. And totally what I want my high fantasy to be!
:3 First time raiding, was on Uldir 7/8 just ran outta time on Goon.

Only died like......7...maybe 8 times. 4 on Mythrax.
3.3.5 (wotlk at ICC patch)

nothing else has to be said

game went downhill circa 2011
So i just want to say a few things this post may get over looked but eh.

1st, I didnt expect this to blow, Im very honored that it took off so well and im so happy it kept good, I am so glad most people shared legit stories and still have enjoyment even right now in wow. I am saddened tho to see those who said unsubbing as a point but I get you, if you dont have fun right now why keep playing, ive had to quit this game a few times due to various situations so no judgment here but there ahs to be one point in time wow was fun for you :o

I also wanted this to be BFA /legion stories but the ones from different expacks are really enjoyable still and they bring back good memories of those zones. I probably missed a few posts but keep it up, i legit am a sucker for stuff like this
10/19/2018 12:41 AMPosted by Jizika
Hitting level 120 and then unlocking Void Elf.

Now only if I can find a class as fun as Ret Paladin for my VElf!

monks is close you get. but arms warrior also.
I've been having fun doing the class hall achievements for the class mounts and titles on all my characters, 2 down many more to go xD
World Boss raids !
The insane number of people who make new accounts to complain about the game on these forums about a game that they supposedly do not play really need to take a good long look in the mirror and reflect for a bit.

On topic, the best time I've had in game was listening to a live reading of hardcore !@#$-erotic Warcraft fanfiction written by fellow guildmates about our raiding careers while raiding Heroic Antorus on alts. I don't think anyone in the guild has ever laughed so hard they cried quite like that raid.
10/18/2018 09:08 AMPosted by Zeraph
I did a Tarren Mill brawl and our team coordinated well, snagging the victory.

We had 2 healers to their 6 lol. We only pushed with Bloodlust and made a point of staying near the tower, and when they tried to push under their own Blood Lust we tossed out snares/roots and retreated towards our own GY, picking off the ones who got too aggressive.

We had three main shot callers that did a good job, and the melee did a very good job of maintaining D near the heals to keep them from getting flanked.

Surprisingly, it was an absolute blast. 10/10

I wish I had thought to write down the three shot callers names, they did a very good job of coordinating.

Man dude idk if I was in your game or if Horde's been killing it. But that sounds exactly like how a brawl went that I had and the time is relevant to your post. I think Alliance only got maybe 20 kills? We were up like 85-3 almost right off the bat.

Legion and BFA are the expacs I've spent the most time playing. And the perspective I have on it is much different than most others. I honestly don't notice anything super crazy or annoying until I come and read the forums. I play the game and I choose to do whatever I enjoy while playing. If I don't want to grind rep, I don't. I think people really need help gaining the same perspective. Every game has issues.
Beating Kruul and doing many other Mt challenges on other classes as well :)
The best moment was getting both legendary glaives from the black temple nearly back to back weeks. I nearly cried as I had been farming them for years on my other account and gave up only to return in BFA and finally get both. The second greatest moment was my first legendary (which was far from bis) back in legion. I fell out of my chair and my friend who was playing beside me thought I had a heart attack, ahaha. I tend to overreact, just a little x)
Playing a rogue in Vanilla/BC was my favorite time in WoW.
Heroic Ghuun pug this last tuesday, after reset.

I play on a low-pop server, so the raiding scene isn't very reliable, and I do what I can to keep my gear as good as I can. It finally paid off bigtime when I got accepted into a pug that was close to downing Ghuun. I joined and we got within 5% on the first attempt.

It was my first time seeing phase three, in person or in a video. I recognized immediately that the mushrooms worked like the telegraphed cannon barrages in Siege of Boralus, and moved into the AOE areas after they burst, and continued avoiding wave after wave like this.

I forget what factor made us wipe on that first attempt, but nearly everybody stayed alive during the following attempt, and Ghuun died that day.

GG, excited to do it all again next patch.
One of my favorite memories is downing Hogger for the first time. He was the first elite mob I encountered and I didn’t understand what an elite was. I attacked him and got crushed. I went back to SW and asked for help. A group of us went back and downed him after 3 tries. It was exhilarating and very satisfying. Been hooked on the game ever since.
The other day, when I pvp'ed at level 19....and didn't do the same boring, grindy world quests with the hopes of someday unlocking a punishingly time-gated new race, locked away behind a wall of rep-grinding hell, designed to squeeze me for more money, and thought that making a Mag'har Orc 19 PvP twink would give me something more fun and interesting to do until Classic comes out.

*yells in the voice of Maximus* Are you not entertained?!?!?!
I really like ferry travel. Can't put my finger on why, I just find it really nice.
Questing through Drustvar was a ton of fun. I've done it a few times now and I enjoy it every time.

Recently also started a fury warrior and am having a total blast. I'm finding leveling enjoyable on her and just taking things slow.

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