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The care and feeding of Kua'fon my mischievous baby pterror dragon who runs away every other day and gets in trouble somewhere.

As annoying as it is, hope he never grows up.
I used ring of peace in Tol Dagor in a mythic + and sent an enemy through the ceiling and it just...disappeared....then at the end of the dungeon my friends in the cannon and over the mic hes like "Uh guys...GUYS THE NPC IS HERE WITH FRIENDS" and this dude I shot through the ceiling came rolling up with sqaud and wiped us.
Hysterical laughter erupted from all of us, there was like 20 enemies and he was trying to shoot them down with this cannon on fortified week
A few nights ago a friend of mine wanted to level a troll druid and since we haven't been able to play DnD in a few weeks we roleplayed the characters over voice cat as we did the level 1-15 levels. I had more fun in those two hours then all of BfA so far.
Exalted with all Horde side. Grabbed the mounts, all of them, done. Pleased it was finished, now working on Ally side reps.

The goal is to get one toon exalted both sides. Just one.:p
Probably the last time I was really excited was when I finished the Mage Tower challenge. I was the first hunter to get my remodeled Rhok.
Which was cool because I was the first hunter to get the original Rhok in Vanilla and I'm still in the same guild, lol.
I saw the Need/Greed/Pass loot system when running Ulduar for transmogrifications earlier this week. I miss it and Master Loot...
Turning into a shark and eating Murlocs! Good times....!
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but that's not recent :c

Might not be recent, but it's honest. It's how I feel as well.

Why is it always the people with 18k achievement points that can't stop whining.

Challenge Modes in WoD with the awesome community that formed around them. Almost all my friends I got golds with have quit the game :(
Small-scale wpvp on Kul-Tiras has been great.
Mine's more a daily thing.
I really like that mobs don't stun and knock you off your mount in BfA anywhere near as much as they did on Argus.
It's a small thing, but it's increased my pleasure in the game immensely.
The moment of blinding realization I had while staring at the character select screen that i didnt care about gearing or achievements anymore, that i already had more mounts than i could comfortably ever use, and that as a result i could just . . . not . . .log . . .on. Then i turned off the game.
It was lovely. Easily the most rewarding feeling i have had in wow in a very long time.
Recently? I was able to raid as a DPS Shaman with a raid team for a few weeks. They asked me to play DPS instead of heal, which really stunted my growth as a player (class balance) and this led to much more dissatisfaction with the game than I'd anticipated. So I stopped raiding, and stopped playing that character.

Unfortunately, raiding is the only path for personal development available to me in the game... so I switched classes to Paladin, and I hope I can find another enjoyable experience in the next month, or I will simply quit.

The problem isn't what is enjoyable, but what isn't. If raiding is pleasant, it's not okay that M+ isn't, WQs aren't, Island Expos, Warfronts...

Blizzard, plz take the eSports approach. Introduce fulfilling and rewarding skill-proving experiences into more aspects of your game and I will enjoy it the same way I enjoy any competitive game.
I'm having fun leveling alliance me through Kul'tiras. I also had a lot of fun doing the pirate, sailor quests in Vol'dun. I'm also enjoying the Hallows End stuff. I always do.

Oh and in Zandalar I ride my direhorn mounts, I love the stomp and stuff they do when I hit the space bar and they are so cute. I also get out my baby direhorn pet, named baby of course.
I'm having a great time working through Heroic Uldir with my raid team. We are spending tonight trying to get our first G'huun kill and AotC!

Also, even though I'm an Alliance player I'm enjoying leveling an Orc warrior from scratch. I want to see the Horde side of the BfA story and figure this way I can get a feel for the Arms spec (which I've never really liked) as I progress and see Horde quests and Kalimdor zones as I level.
buying an epic upgrade from the AH

it was literally the first time I felt real joy from an upgrade in BfA, like a 50 point jump for that slot

for some reason I never get that feeling in BfA since everything seems to be capped at 5-10 ilvls above my average, to artificially increase the gear grind
I joined a mythic Antorus last night and for the first time we had a leader and people who actually listened and Could do Eonar the boss That has something I want the most -didint drop sadly- but we actually did the whole raid was nice.
My most recent fun night with WoW was launch night, racing all my friends to level, trash talking each other over discord.

They all quit within three weeks, and now I am alone.
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Back in Pandaria, 5.4

but that's not recent :c

Cosmologically speaking, it was barely a few nanoseconds ago!
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Back in Pandaria, 5.4

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