TW Dungeons Dropping Necklaces?!?

Bug Report
Is this a bug? An intentional slap in the face? I ran my 5 tw dungeons and got 4 necklaces.
Not a bug. TW has a chance to drop anything from that dungeon's loot table. RNG sucks though... lol.
yea i got 2 also felt weird
TW dropped weapons last xpac, no reason to think necklaces would be off the table.

Additionally, TW can be done at pre-BFA levels, when necklaces would still be useful.
It is getting annoying that the bug forums are littered with threads such as this one.

Do some investigating before submitting a bug report.

This is not a bug. Like others have said, timewalking can be done by non-max level characters as well, (provided they are above the min lvl for the respective TW week). Therefore items such as necks (and weapons during Legion), were able to drop off bosses as well.

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