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Bleeding Hollow
<Dad Jokes> [H] (Bleeding Hollow-US) – 3/8 Mythic
Dad Jokes is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to bolster its mythic roster with talented and competitive raiders. Our goal is to get Cutting Edge content completed without sacrificing too much time from our daily lives. We hold our raiders to very high standards and are willing to do whatever is necessary to move the guild forward in progression. While we currently have enough people for mythic, we are looking to build out a healthy roster to ensure progression continues.

We are also a community, not just a raid team. We pride ourselves on being more than just a raid to show up to, so when you join us be prepared for a social aspect as well.

Raid Times
IMPORTANT: Please note that we intend to add a third progression raid night for the next raid tier. Our current progression has been reached with 6 hours a week including a heroic clear during progression hours.
Progression Nights: Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday* 11-2am EST (8-11pm PST)
*Sunday is currently optional.
**After the Holidays we will expand to Mondays as a progression day

We are currently looking for ranged dps and healers. Tanks and most melee positions are closed outside of exceptional players.
High Mage, Hunter, Disc/Holy Priest
Medium Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest
Low Warlock, Demon Hunter, Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk

Expectations & Information
We expect raiders and trials to:
-Have a diligent and constructive attitude when it comes to the guild and game.
-Understand how to competently play your class and fix any mistakes you may make.
-Come to raid prepared and on time as to not waste everyone else’s time.
-Research the boss fights ahead of time and ask questions when needed.
-Post out well in advance if you are unable to attend raid or will be late.
-Be able to interact with our community outside of raid hours. No raid loggers!
-Do any necessary activities outside of raid to keep their character caught up.
-Have an understanding of how logs and sims work and a willingness to use them.
-Use the appropriate potions during progression. Pre-potting for dps is mandatory!
-Complete a +10 key every week for the weekly cache.
When a Tauren sees lightning but hears nothing, what does he call it?

A Thunder Bluff.
what do the heart of azeroth and real life have in common?
Answer: they both stop being fun once you reach the 20s
What do you call a bunch of Paladins and Priests in a Moonwell?

A Bubble Bath.

Why can't gnomes be Paladins?

They can't reach the Light.

An orc with a parrot on his shoulder walks into a bar. "Oy!" says the barkeep, "where'd you find him at?"

"SQUAWK!" replies the parrot, "I picked him up in Durotar, there's thousands more just like him!"

Haven't spent much time gearing this toon, much as I love Havoc. Mostly due to lack of reason to, combined with a lack of non-LFG people to play with.

Created this toon to be 110% serious raider, so she's Alchemy/Engineering with rank-3 Mystic Cauldron recipe. And 2 Mystic Cauldron made for my last guild, before no one showed up on Tuesday.

Kema#11291 if I might be a good fit for <Dad Jokes>

Finishing with this:
A man walks into a bar.
The second one ducks.

Started playing around patch 3.3 in WotLK. Steadily progressed in experience and skill until patch 4.0.1, where I suddenly came into my own. With that patch, a lot of things I'd been known for saying in /2 but had been considered ludicrous were suddenly supported by Blizzard. In any case, I thrived in Cataclysm's environment, where DPS/HPS requirements weren't too much, but a single failed interrupt could and did wipe a raid. Finished Cata off with a bang, as part of a guild roughly US~200 for our Madness of Deathwing kill in 25H. We even had an alt run on Fridays where we'd full clear Dragon Soul in 10H.

However, my computer's ability to functionally play WoW in raids was seriously impacted at patch 4.2.1 (lots of new pretty particle-based spell effects for spells) which lead to me stepping back for Mists of Pandaria. (That, and MoP effectively destroyed Hunters as I knew them from Cata)

Did my best to keep my hand in from then onward, mostly healing on my monk thru MoP and WoD. However, with Legion came the Demon Hunter, and I found my perfect class.

Early on in raiding, I discovered that constantly fidgeting left-right on my character made it much easier to move out of harm's way when needed, so I made the habit of staying on my toes. When Cata made Hunters more and more mobile without impacting their DPS, I got a reputation for being "That Hunter" who "never stood still" and "had a pogo stick up his butt" but somehow was never in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Honestly, the inherent randomness to Havoc (varied amount of fury per Demon's Bite, chance for Chaos Strike to refund half its cost, etc) combined with the massive mobility and strong utility... It seemed like Blizzard gave me the most fun, overpowered, unkillable class possible.

So here I post, despite my apparent lack of current experience and gear. Honestly, I would've loved to run M+ dungeons and push keys... but my first guild on server was super-casual, and the next recruited me then almost immediately decided to quit WoW.

I honestly try to pug through the Group Finder... but I somehow have horrible luck when it comes to getting well-geared incompetents that make finishing a +3 impossible.

Two chemists walk into a bar. The first one says, "I'll have a glass of H20" and the second says, "I'll have that also." The first replies, "Curses, assassination attempt foiled!"

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