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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
370 Enhance, 373 Elemental shaman. 1/8M 8/8H exp.

I have a multitude of 90+ parses on both specs and I don't mind playing either for prog nights. I prefer Enhance since its the only spec shamans have which doesn't bring up suicidal thoughts.

My availability; My current work roster has me doing 4 day straight 12 hour shift work, 2 days (6am-6pm) 2 nights (6pm-6am) followed by 4 days off. If you don't have back to back prog nights than that's best for me.

370 Brewmaster, 365 Mistweaver. Same prog as above. Prefers Mistweaver and has 100% availability.

315ish Demo Lock. Same prog as above on his 370+ DH. We are currently gearing our lock mate so that he can main the lock for prog nights.

We all love to bant and can be serious when needed. We offer input and suggestions and aren't afraid to speak up when needed. So we're all pretty chill guys.

Btag; iMgoobz#1396

Look forward to hearing from you.
Hey Mate,

<Cube> can definitely accommodate your needs for all 3 of you!
We are looking for experienced players without the super elitist attitude.
We are 2/8M and got CE Argus in Legion.

8/6 12 hrs 6-6 in QLD.
Hence: Our raid nights are 8pm - 11pm Wed/Thurs/Mon.

We are rebuilding at the moment and clearing heroic while building a new roster for mythic progression.

Swing me an add! #Treebucket1896. I've sent you a request
Hey mate I don't know if these times work but we raid wed/thurs/sun 8-11 currently 2/8m atm
<Ropegang> are a semi hardcore progression guild on Frostmourne run by experienced GM/Officer's with great leadership skills. We always like to find the fine line between semi hardcore raiding and still having fun and enjoying each other’s company with mythic+, raids, pvp etc.

Currently 8/8 N 8/8H Uldir
Looking to move into Mythic

Raid Times:
All time is in Server Time - Frostmourne
Wednesday: 7:00-10:00pm
Friday: 7:30- 10:30pm (optional)
Sunday: 7:00-10:00pm

Oganius (GM) - Shigz#1485
Alwayslucky (CM) - brandon92#1794
Vorghis (CM) - MagnumOpus#1132
<All Macro No Micro> 2/8M. [Frostmourne]
Recruiting for full guild M group to push progression.
In need of committed dps, preferably ranged. We're also recruiting a disc/holy priest.
If you're looking for a fun/sociable semi-hardcore progression guild. Hit us up!
Main raids:
Thursday 8-11:30 PM ST
Sunday 8-11:30 PM ST
As we are still recruiting, the window for additional raid nights is still open.
We also focus on high M+ Keys!

Exceptional applications may be considered even if we're not recruiting that class specifically.

Contact me via Bnet (Bootfang#1176) or discord (Magicgoat#7370) for a chat.
<Ice Cream Truck> [3/8M] is a Frostmourne Alliance semi-hardcore guild with lots fun! including funded over/under gambling. we are currently recruiting for Mythic progression and M+ as Focus!
Raid times are Weds Thurs Sun 9-12 Server time. Considering all Classes but priority on Misty / RSham / HPala / Blood DK

hit us up on:


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