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I also have this hunter, I need to change the bow back to the tiki mask one that drops from ZA (or was it ZG). Matches better, just happy I got the mage tower appearance, so was showing it off. I really liked the idea of a shamanistic tauren hunter thing. Also I use the white corehound for a pet on this guy.

*edit* armory finally updated, and I have my correct bow on xD

It's not really creative at all, since it's just a PvP set, but it goes perfectly with that color of Thas'dorah.
Going old school.
the lack of good xmog is why i havnt had a mail wearer in my main rotation of alts in years.

mail ( and often leather as well ) gets so screwed by xmog. cloth usually has the highest hit rate of good mogs with plate coming up second. i really hope blizz do a tinker as a mail wearer at some point soon to help break up the 2 different polarizing mail types.
Mail is hideous, but Legion had some good stuff.

I would mog Thasdorah with everything, just for the quiver. Shame it won't work with BM.
I’m a Shaman
OG Cryptstalker set bought off the BMAH took a long time to get it all but was so worth it.
No, you can't see it. It's camouflaged.
I like simple.
10/26/2018 09:13 PMPosted by Legionkiller
OG Cryptstalker set bought off the BMAH took a long time to get it all but was so worth it.

It really is v good looking. A+
Leather is a 100x worse in my opinion.
I have a lot of mogs that look decent enough. This is the best witch costume I could come up with.
My oldest Hunter, made back in 2004, she used to be a Night Elf. She still carries her quiver, arrows and a flint and tinder.

@Xialla, I love your mog, those shoulders are great.
...and this one.
I think this is a pretty set not many use.
I like mine!
I enjoy mine, though my prior one used the Ragnari questing set from WoD, with that fur-collar looking head piece from legion. Looked rather cool in that not-flashy sort of way.

It would be extra appropriate on a Draenei.
Here you go. A few pieces here and there don't exactly "fit", but it's the over-all scheme.
Welp mines basically buttnaked not sure if it be your taste lol

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