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So I was wondering how I can check each of my individual toons mounts on the armory to figure out how which one has the highest that can use so that I know which to log into to get the Achievement. If you know how to show the individual mounts for a toons it would be great if you could let me know. :)
I'm not sure there is a way to filter the Armory like that.

The usual way to find out which is your mount guy is to just log in different chars after you learn a new mount until you find the one that makes the counter bump.
Chasing the rabbit again. Where's that thread?

[Searches through Achievements forums, again, considers asking Blizzard to sticky the thread.]

Achievements UI - Statistics (at the bottom) - Character (on the left) - Gear (below Character) - Mounts Owned (about 4 from the bottom of the list on the right. This is the number that the Achievement looks at. The number of mounts "ridable by the toon you are on" - although, this distinction is getting more and more dubious.

Generally, Paladins are plus 3 - if they have the 2 vanilla class mounts and the paladin only argent tourney mount. Generally DK's and Warlocks are plus 2 - if they have the 2 DK only mounts from Wrath or 2 Warlock only Vanilla mounts. I say generally because some mounts are character specific.

The 22 class hall mounts (including druid flight form) from Legion count on every toon. (Or perhaps only 21 - someone has suggested the Druid flight form does not count - don't chase the rabbit - it's 22 or 21.) The profession mounts count on every toon.

Faction mounts are character specific. The mount journal lists all the mounts you have collected for both factions - that is why it is more. Outside websites do not count the other class hall mounts - that's why they are less.

Here's the thread with an attempt at detailed analysis.

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