[A] Vinculum - a Heroic Raiding Guild LFM

Hellscream and Zangarmarsh
Vinculum is looking to recruit more like minded individuals for our raid team. We are a Heroic ONLY raid focused guild. We are currently 8/8N, 2/8 Heroic. We run Fri & Sat 8pm Central. Adult 18+ guild, lots of fun.

We run Mythic+ Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids. There are a few who do PVP but for fun, not a main focus of the guild.

We're a group that's been running together for a few years, some of our members have been gaming together since Everquest (yeah few of us are that old). 18+ preferred as our conversations are definitely on the mature end of the spectrum.

If you're looking for something new, a change of scenery or need to skip ab day at the gym, this is the guild for you.

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