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(Note: I initially posted this in customer support, but by suggestion of MVP Xanlorash, I'm posting it here. Also (this was asked there), I have faction changed in the past, but had it refunded and reversed promptly. Moreover, in the last few days I have reset my password (for unrelated reasons), which didn't refresh my account, unfortunately.)

10/27/2018 10:47 PMPosted by Draconem
Hi. I am having a problem with my forum avatar. Although I have been using this character on the forums for a bit now, my avatar is nevertheless appearing as what looks like the silhouette of a night elf, which I am not.

Also, I notice that beneath my name displayed next to my avatar, it reads I am in a guild (which I don't believe exists anymore) and I am guildless. I'm also not level 90, rather I'm level 120, and an orc.

If someone could please explain this to me, and/or direct me to where I can update this information. I would TRULY appreciate the help. This has been really bugging me for awhile now.

Thank you! Sincerely and cordially, Draconem.
I still need help with this issue.

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