Group of 5 LF Mythic raiding guild

As the title says we are a group of 5 people who are looking for a new team.
The 5 of us have raided mythic for a while and all have achieved cutting edge at some point. Logs can be provided to anyone who is interested. We would prefer week night raiding 8pm AEST on wards. currently we have 2 Hunters 1 Rogue 1 DK
1 Rsham.
Hiya, Scribe are looking to add rDPS and all exceptional players to our mythic raiding roster.

Currently 3/8M raiding Wed/Thu 8-11pm ST
We are based Barthilas Horde (obviously) but if you're willing to chat hit me up.

Our forum post:


Tyrants are currently recruiting,
Raid Times: 3/8M and raid Wed/Thu/Mon.

For all details,

While it lists certain classes we are always looking for any skilled players.
Please add Skell#11312
Keen to speak and fit you all in to the prog side. Hit me up asap

Dave#15381 - let's chat

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