377 sPriest and 380 ret Lf guild

Guild Recruitment
I picked up Impetus on Turalyon as a roster I'll be managing, so check them out (managed Synthesis's CE teams in Legion and currently managing Legend's two CE teams). They have a history of CE and are looking to revamp their roster to push harder going forward and achieve a better rank.

Impetus: Tuesday & Thursday 9pm-12am EST 4/8M, 38% Fetid, 11/11M CE
- Open recruitment for now. Competitive spots for all roles.

We are currently accepting applications from all exceptional raiders regardless of spec or class. Feel free to apply via this link, and we'll try get back to you in a timely manner.

I am also available to chat on discord @ Sieara#6473 or btag @ Sieara#1968.


Note: We only raid 6 hours and require raiders to do some outside gearing through M+ weekly. Raiders are expected to ⭐️be prepared⭐️ and to understand the mechanics of the encounters to some degree in order to be able to execute whatever strategy that the raid leader has set aside.

We were 11/11M CE last tier. (I used to recruit for Synthesis who I helped push from 129 to 48 during Legion if you need my recruiting credentials and helped get buyers to earn the guild millions in ABT sales before CE/Mounts went away). I also run the larger recruiting discord for NA & OC: https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB
Affiliates of Acherus - Emerald Dream is now in full recruitment for BFA!

We are recruiting all types of players for BFA Raiding (and drunken RBG Night)! We want to have a casual side to the guild but we are also recruiting for a full raid team that is 8/8H 2/8M looking to push for Cutting Edge.


DPS (especially Warlock, WW Monk, Rogues)

Any exceptional players will be considered!

We are a core of former CE/AoTC raiders that want to make consistent progression throughout BfA. We are aiming to get Cutting Edge every raid this xpac with a relaxed schedule. Every raider is expected to be on time and prepared before raid time, the 3 hours we have allotted for raid are for progression. Raid times areTues/Thurs 7-10 EST.

** Emerald Dream is an RP server, if you RP in your own time that is fine, raid times are for progression and hard RP will not be tolerated.

Outside of raid we enjoy running higher M+ and the occasional RBG/Arena. No matter what you like to do there is a spot for you here! We just love playing World of Warcraft and some other games and are looking to build a solid family of like minded people.

Add Budäh#1904, for any questions or more information! (ä - alt 0228)
Main spots if you can raid late.
2/8M 5% zek wipes
th/fri 7-11PST
11/02/2018 04:04 PMPosted by Kibystomp
our guild has recently fallen apart due to people quitting and we are both looking to join an ACTIVE raiding guild for mythic progression. We are only interested in guild that are actively working on mythic. We are open to server transfers and faction changes.

Shadow priest logs:

Ret Pally logs:

[Horde] <Resurgence> on US-Dalaran server is recruiting for our Mythic Raid team.
We're active on Discord and always have people on to play with.
Currently 8/8H & 1/8M.

Raid Times are Tuesday & Thursday 9pm-12am - EST
Apply Here: https://guildresurgence.enjin.com/recruitment

3/8M can accommodate you both.

Raid from 7-10PST

Add me lets have a quick chat
Raid times:
-Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:30pm-10:30pm PST (10:30pm-1:30am EST)

Team Goals:
-Mythic Progression with Cutting Edge

Team Needs:


Healers :
- Disc (High)
- Resto/Ele Sham (High)

- Melee (Ret/dps warrior)
- Mage (Low)
- Hunter (Low)
- Boomkin (High)
- Warlock (High)
- Elemental Sham w/ resto OS (High)

(Links to recent logs help)

About SGN:
- SGN on Area52 is recruiting competitive raiders committed to personal improvement, as well as contributing to a professional and collaborative team environment. We are a newer guild comprised of old guildies and new friends alike with current experience between 3-5/8 M Uldir. Our team leads have CE experience from previous tiers/expansions and we're looking to develop a new raid team focusing on personal and raid progression (most importantly team synergy) built on the foundation of trust with like minded individuals.


Discord : https://discord.gg/cQfKg4
Btag: Liverdie#11296 or Thug3299#1940
<REGENCY> on Mal'Ganis, Horde Recruiting for multiple teams!

Due to the mature nature of our atmosphere, we prefer all applicants to be 18+.

Check out our website for individual team needs and progression or hop in our discord to contact a recruiter immediately! All teams currently recruiting for BFA!

Discord: https://discord.gg/jetmdFy

Website: http://www.regencyguild.com/

Application: https://tinyurl.com/Regency-Raider-Application

Raid Teams
Legends of Chaos - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 2/8 Mythic Uldir, 8/8 Heroic Uldir
Time: 7pm to 10pm CST
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Dirty Sand Skeletons - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 6/8 Heroic Uldir, 8/8 Normal Uldir
Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm CST
Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Repulsion - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 7/8 Heroic Uldir
Times: 9pm to 12am CST
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday

Misfits - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 1/8 Mythic Uldir, 8/8 Heroic Uldir
Times: 7:30pm to 10:30pm CST
Days: Friday, Saturday

Hallowed Ground - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 2/8 Mythic Uldir, 8/8 Heroic Uldir
Times: 11pm to 2am CST
Days: Friday, Saturday

Recruitment Officers: Rynoir (Btag: ClaireBear#1202, Discord: Symmone#2172)
Chriztoph (Btag: Chriztoph#1117
Discord: https://discord.gg/jetmdFy
Website: http://www.regencyguild.com/
<Salt Factory> 8/8H 6/8M


<Salt Factory> is a later evening guild located on Tichondrius - US, formerly known as Insomnia of Sargeras. Over the years, we've built a community of people who genuinely like playing together. We wanted to once again come together and create something for BFA. We believe in the mantra "raid smarter, not harder" and established a guild built upon that belief. While there are many of us that have raided at the higher echelons of the US raiding scene, we believe that rank means nothing without genuinely caring where you raid and who you surround yourself with. We place importance on the morale and atmosphere of the raid, and have endeavored to provide an environment that can be thoroughly enjoyed to its fullest while staying competitive.
While our raiding times or community may not be ideal for all, we're a guild with personality, that prides ourselves on our unique, and down-to-earth atmosphere. With each passing tier we strive to not only improve as individuals, but together as a team. Because we believe that teamwork is the most crucial building block of any successful guild.


What you can expect from us :

> Guild leadership focused on not only progression but the overall health of the guild
> Reliable and skilled players who share a common goal
> A social atmosphere not commonly found in progression guilds

What we expect from you :

> Reliability
> Ability to communicate clearly & efficiently
> Ability to adapt quickly
> Consistency & punctuality [showing up every night, and on time is a MUST].
> Genuine commitment
> Experience and the knowledge to play your class to its fullest!

3day/3hr a week
Tues - Thursday, 8 PM-11 PM PST (11 PM - 2 AM EST] / [10 PM -1 AM CST]

PROGRESSION (current & during content) :

T20 - 8/9M before calling it for the expac. best kill US#97
T19 - US#96
T18 - US#165
T17 - US#119
T16 - US#136
T15 - US#94

TO APPLY VISIT : https://goo.gl/forms/tfdRupd7SFyMPjO53

Contact any of the officers for questions or concerns!

Officer Contact info :

GM / "The Pretty one" - Kisshot#1230
Recruitment Officer - Tida#1933
Healing officer / "The Dumb one" - Jogreyr#1608[/b]
Color Blind - 3/8M AOTC ( 8:30pm - 12am CST, Fri/Sat)

Part of the fantastic community <Seraph> of US-Mal'Ganis, Color Blind does its best not to earn its name every Friday and Saturday with some entertaining, laid back raids that even result in dead bosses!

If this sounds like the team for you, contact Bere#11183 or ilpad#1438 to chat, or visit SeraphGuild.com to apply!
Sup <Top of the Line> 3/8M we raid wed/thurs 9pm-1am Eastern. So if you can make those times i will guarantee you and your buddy a core spot based on logs. We are looking for players in general who will last the whole expansion and are consistent and dedicated when it comes to performance and attendance. I know transferring and faction change is a big commitment but if you are willing too i will be more than happy to talk with you both over discord. Hit me up @ #Unstawpable1550 if your interested we can talk more.
Holy SPAM!

Anyway, 3/8 M - Horde Illidan

Team Salt is looking for a few more individuals that are looking to work for Cutting Edge.

We raid 2 days at week, Weds/Thurs 9p - 12a ET.
Based on your logs, I have core positions available.

Add me on Discord and let's chat more! Swampage#4173
Tues/Weds 7:30pm-11:00pm EST
Sunday 6:00pm-9:30pm EST
Seeking MW Monknd and exceptional ranged DPS to polish main raid team roster.

zio#11494 - msg me there.
<Untold Prophecy> on Zul'jin is currently in need of a few classes for our Mythic progression! We are currently 6/8 with pulls on Mythrax at 30%.

Beast Mastery Hunter
Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
Holy Paladin

[Raid times]
Tuesday- 7:30-10:30 EST
Wednesday- 7:30-10:30 EST
Thursday- 7:30-10:30 EST

Uldir - 20 Player:
6/8 Uldir Mythic | Ahead of the Curve: G'huun

Tier 20 - 20 Player:
5/9 Tomb of Sargeras Mythic | Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden

Tier 19 - 20 Player:
10/10 Nighthold Mythic | Cutting Edge: Gul'dan
7/7 Emerald Nightmare Mythic | Cutting Edge: Xavius
3/3 Trial of Valor Mythic | Cutting Edge: Helya

Tier 18 - 20 Player:
13/13 Hellfire Citadel Mythic | Cutting Edge: The Black Gate

Tier 17 - 20 Player:
10/10 Blackrock Foundry Mythic | Cutting Edge: Blackhand's Crucible
7/7 Highmaul Mythic | Cutting Edge: Imperator's Fall

[Guild website]


[Battle tags]

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!
Hey! <Aselia> [US Horde – Illidan] is a 2/8M 8/8H mythic oriented guild and we are looking for like minded players that want to progress as far as possible with as little time invested! Currently we are looking for all kinds of dps and heals. Our raid times currently are Saturday/Monday 7-10pm CST.

If there is anything you need to inquire about you can always message me via bnet (jadam#1828) or discord (jadam#7887)

Want to note with the introduction of cross realm mythic raids, we can now trial you cross realm without having you spend money!
Hello Everyone!
<The Bad Mama Jamas> Sargeras- Alliance is currently recruiting for Battle for Azeroth! We have partnered with the gaming community Pixel Pub which is 15k+ members strong. So, if you are looking for someone to game with in an active community, we have that for you! You can find us at https://www.pixelpubgaming.com/

We are a semi-hardcore Mythic Progression team that is currrently 4/8M! Our core leaders are all experienced in Mythic including our strategist who has Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker. If you don't raid mythic go ahead and scroll down past all the raid stuff.

Raiding Teams:

Team Parses-R-Us: Tu/We 730-1130PM EST (Mythic Raiding)

Thursdays are now optional heroic nights from 730PM EST to whenever it ends!
Initial opening of raid we will be raiding Tu/We/Th from 8-11PM EST til heroic is on farm comfortably.


Disclaimer: Any awesome DPS will always be considered!
Tanks: Closed

Healers: Looking for a 5th!

Melee: Demon Hunter, Ret

Ranged: Hunter, Boomkin, Mage, Warlock(s)!

If you want to apply for a spot on the Mythic Progression Team please fill out the app below, otherwise just add one of us on b.net and talk to us!
After filling out the application please add myself on b.net @ bardrevolver#1441 or our GM Blaze#14736 and give us a heads up you filled out the application!

Don't raid mythic? No worries! We also are very active when it comes to Mythic+! If you just want to do that you are more than welcome to come push some keys with us.

Casual? No worries! Shoot us an add on b.net and we can get you invited to the guild to just hangout!
Hi Kiby, I would love to have you both on my roster.

Think of how refreshing a fresh start as Horde on Mal'Ganis would be!

<Arcanum> is 4/8M Uldir and recruiting DPS.

We're a newly formed guild who raided together last expansion in another guild.

Last expansion our team earned:
7/7M Emerald Nightmare Cutting Edge
3/3M Trial of Valor Cutting Edge
10/10M Nighthold Cutting Edge
8/9M Tomb of Sargeras
11/11M Antorus Cutting Edge

Mythic Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 8:00PM PST - 11:00PM PST
Wednesday: 8:00PM PST - 11:00PM PST
Thursday: 8:00PM PST - 11:00PM PST

We have a super quick and easy application

We also do a ton outside of raid!
- Alternating Sunday/Monday Guild RBGs @ 7:00pm PST
- We work hard to ensure all 120s finish a +10 key for the week
- Heroic Uldir Friday at 6:00pm PST
- Starting soon - Saturday All Monk Normal Uldir clear @ 3:00pm PST
- Heroic Uldir Saturday at 6:00pm PST with a guild on The-Scryers
- There are always people online willing to jump into a pug, run keys, do arenas, go on an achievement run, answer silly questions

Any questions? Need more info? Please message me on Discord at kat#3105

Want to apply? Go to www.arcanum-guild.com
<Breakfast Club> on Hyjal is recruiting an exceptional DPS and healer for our mythic progression.

-We are a mature group of friendly players (21-50+) from all over the world due to our timeslot, with the majority of members working 3rd shift in the US/Canada and some playing with us from overseas. Our guild has a very unique culture due to the representation of these many different countries.

-Censorship of adult content is not something we worry about since we are all adults. In fact, it is indeed common and sometimes even encouraged!

-We are recruiting exceptional DPS and one healer for our mythic progression. Our raid times are as follows:

Tuesday: 08:00am - 11:00am (PST)

Wednesday: 08:00am - 11:00am (PST)

Thursday: 08:00am - 11:00am (PST)

-What we have to offer:

Besides our mythic raid (where all food, flasks, gems and enchants are provided by the guild), we have an active and helpful community that runs casual alt raids and mythic+ on a weekly basis. We also provide a full guild bank with an exclusive Member and Raider tab that gets restocked daily. Our very active discord is used outside of raid times for competitive mythic+ runs, casual banter and also other games that our player base enjoys.

You should apply if, you

-are over the age of 21 do not get easily offended, and can find joy in political incorrect banter

-are willing to constantly improve and take suggestions from leadership regarding your performance

-are looking for a close-knitted community with people that care about each other and enjoy having a fun time but can also focus during our progression raid, we might be the one for you!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Hey Kiby! <Inertia> Raids T/W 8-11PST. We are currently 2/8M and looking for a few more dps to round out our roster. We run keys throughout the week and have a dedicated day for RBG's. Feel free to add me on Bnet to talk more. Meno#11434
<Despair> is looking for your class for Uldir! We are ready to welcome you with open arms into our family. Our Guild formed back in 2007, and we took a brief break but came during Legion and hit the raiding content hard! We also enjoy doing Mythic+, Random BG's, arena's, and RBG's if that's something you're into when we're not killing Mythic bosses! During last expansion we ended 10/11 M with sub 30% pulls on M Argus, and ended server 2nd. This expansion we are aiming to full clear mythic and take server first. We are horde on the server Frostwolf.

Current Progression: We are currently 8/8N, 8/8H 3/8M

Raid Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 8:00PM-11:00PM EST Optional farm runs Sunday 8:00-11:00PM EST

Feast and flask will normally be provided but we'd advise you bringing your own just in case, pots as well.

Required Addons: Weak Auras, DBM, Angry Assignments

Website: http://www.despair-guild.com/

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/236187

Recruitment Officer: Exkay#11283. Healing Recruiter: Hollisterr#1659. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!
4/8 M Working on Fetid, 2 Nights Tue/Wed 5:30 PST-9PST

Thirteen Thirty Seven is back! We have reformed after a hiatus for the majority of Legion. Formerly a long standing Alliance guid on Lightbringer under the monikers Pathogen & Thirteen Thirty Seven we are now starting a new life on Mal'Ganis and are recruiting for Battle for Azeroth mythic raiding.

Battle for Azeroth Requirements:

Applicants should be well-versed in their entire class, and not just a single spec. There may be a time when your offspec is the better option for an encounter, or an entire tier, and it's an incredible boon to not have to recruit another person, when you could fit both of those roles.

Raid ready alts at this point in the xpac are expected, many boss fights are going to require shuffling so diversity is a plus!

If you play a spec that sucks it is encouraged that you abide by the above or you prepare a raid ready alt.

You should be able to learn from mistakes and know fights before we get to them.

We want players that can avoid/do mechanics and survive in a sticky situation. If we ask you to do something for the raid team, you should know how to do it beforehand. Wiping to it a few times is ok, but repeatedly not doing the mechanic right is grounds for replacement.

Raid Times:

Tuesday - 8:30PM-12:00AM EST
Wednesday - 8:30PM-12:00AM EST

2 days a week. 7 hours a week. That's it. All progression and farm we do will be done within the raid schedule. With the next tier coming, another hour MAY or MAY NOT be added to raid for pushing top end kills.

Any other organized activities will be 100% optional.


We are also looking for any DPS that we consider amazing:
-Doesn't die (Uses personal CDs + healthstones at pivotal times)
-Knows how to navigate through fight mechanics
-Changes specs/reforges/gems for specific progression encounters
-Has high rankings on Warcraftlogs/high percentiles during progression.


We expect all players to know the fights in and out, and how to utilize their CLASS in the best possible way. We expect mistakes to happen, however, we also expect players to learn from mistakes. Simple things like flasks, pots, food, enchanting should all be done or obtained before raid times. Players should know what's BiS for class/spec. While we value progression and preparedness, at the same time, we expect our raiders to have a relaxed attitude and generally be able to take a joke. If you are offended easily this is probably not the place for you.

Trial Process:

Trial period lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on your performance, with longer trial periods to be expected during progression. During trial period you are expected to provide yourself with all the necessary items to be competitive in the raid environment. This includes addons, gems, enchants, flasks, pots, a reliable internet connection, and knowledge of all fights we have on farm + any progression bosses we are working on. Failure to do/have any of the above will probably result in demotion from the raid team.


Founded in August 2008, The leadership of the guild has over a decade of guild management and raiding experience spanning across MMO's from EverQuest to FF14 and SWTOR. We constantly strive to achieve the highest rankings with the minimal time we have on our raid schedule. This keeps us competitive and maintains a healthy amount of time for real life activities.

US - 131- Helya
US - 83 - Xavius

Warlords of Draenor
US - 39 - Archimonde
US - 13 - Mannoroth
US - 16 - Tyrant Velhari
US - 84 - Blackhand
US - 47 - Iron Maidens
US - 36 - Blast Furnance
US - 11 - Imperator Mar'gok

Mists of Pandaria
US - 36 - Garrosh Hellscream
US - 81 - Ra'den

If you want to apply message an officer. Applications might not be necessary in some cases.

Add us, let us have a chat!

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