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If wow classic has server sharding, it's gonna bomb. It is on top of most of the classic communities things we dont want to see lists. Sharding destroys one of the biggest things that made vanilla, vanilla. If Blizzard cant release an unmolested version of classic without adding in a bunch of BS, then people are gonna go right back to private servers.
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*looks at the mess over classic forums*

are you sure of that?

The classic forums seem to be upset that they are possibly pushing changes that would corrupt a 100% pure classic experience. I didnt read enough to figure out what the actual changes were, but it sounded like cross realm which is personally my least favorite feature of modern wow.

It would be silly to expect a 100% pure classic experience, as that would be actually impossible to deliver. You'd require both a time machine that could take you back to 2004 and a mind wiper that erases all your post-2004 knowledge.

The game might mechanically be the way it was back then, but the experience of playing a burgeoning MMO with people who don't really know what they're doing and may not have any prior experience with Warcraft, having to organize actual huge raids, getting together in crap Vent or Teamspeak servers, etc. etc. That's all stuff that is impossible to recreate.
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I'll probably never play regular wow again. Anyone else thinking the same???

Until you can come back and post "i know classic was going to be hard, but do you think "insert lame complaint you want a blue response here" is not needed and unfair.

You know "classic" wow is has more grinding, more eating and drinking, and slow level progression.

Roll a mage, and tell me how that goes for you until level 45. Then you can kill three things instead of one without running out of mana.
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If wow classic has server sharding, it's gonna bomb.

Well, too bad for you guys I guess.

Blizzard knows, as does everyone who's paying attention, that a lot of classic players are basically tourists. There one day, gone the next. So the servers will need some system to handle wide variations in population without either leading to ghost servers with only a handful of lifers on them, or servers that are so crowded with tourists you can't do anything. Sharding is the least disruptive way to do that.
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I'll probably never play regular wow again. Anyone else thinking the same???

You'll be back...

you know why?

Because you'll never be able to catch that feel you had when this game first launched.

That fresh faced, eager, naive noob who was exploring Azeroth for the first time, learning your skill trees, then learning that only 1% of people would see end-game content and that without TMOG you look like you fell head first into a laundry hamper.

You're coming back into this game as a beleaguered, grumpy, cynical, veteran of WoW and you're never going to get that feeling back no matter how hard you try.
If its anything like the demo you probably won't be playing any blizzard game again :)
11/02/2018 10:56 PMPosted by Hailtofire
I'll probably never play regular wow again. Anyone else thinking the same???

Classic was good in 2005. It's uber boring now. Level 40 until mount, quests don't show up on your map, and it's super slow paced. That killed it for me when I tested it today. We are actually blessed to have modern WoW in comparison.
It's got server sharding so... LOL!
I'll take a stroll through for nostalgia sake but seriously no. The only real problems with current WoW is the dead community brought about by the LFG/R feature and the removal of RPG elements eg. weapon specialization.

That and the story but whatcha gonna do?
Was hyped about classic but with blizzcon. Thinking it maybe better to just walk away from blizzard products.
I won't even be trying Classic. It doesn't interest me at all. I never played WCIII and I'm more interested in that than Classic.
No. I'm sorry to say that if I take a break from WoW this time around it will most likely be for good.
Nice surprise to learn itll be free with the livegame sub I'm already gonna have anyway. Very cool of them to do that. I expect I'll spend more time in Live, but I know I'll enjoy PvP in Classic.
I'm welcome to defying my own expectations, though. Maybe I'll end up only playing Classic. I doubt it, but who knows?
Once I get burned out on BfA I might start leveling a toon, but I'm still prioritizing retail over Classic.

You think you won't, but you will.

Have you already set up your guild with hundreds of players, capable of fielding 40 people, 5 nights a week, for at least 5 hours a night? This is all there is at level 60.

So have you already set that up, or do you intend to somehow get such a guild to want you in it? How will do you think that will work?

Are you even going to be able to raid, 5 nights a week, from 7 PM until 1 am?

The salty tears, of Classic lovers, are going to be so delicious. They don't realize how perfect everything has to be, in order for you to at all have anything to do in Vanilla Wow.

Until 60 it is just leveling in often empty zones, with bad quests, sometimes having to grind mobs for periods of particular levels.

What are you talking about? The majority of raiding guilds will do a third of the time raiding that you are suggesting they will. 9 hours a week would be considered pretty hardcore and the 25 you suggested will be done by about .01% of the population. It doesn't sound like you ever played classic. The zones will be overpopulated for at least a year, the quests are mostly fine, and you never have to grind mobs to level. Go read a leveling guide.

Thinking you will need hundreds of active players to have a 40 man raid is also hilarious. Again, you clearly didn't play vanilla and it sounds like all the salt is on your side of the table.
As much as I was looking forward to playing Classic I won't touch it with sharding. Not really sure what to do at this point, BfA isn't cutting it.
Seeing as I'm not playing the game currently, yes there is a good possibility of that! I'd always come back for the first few weeks of an expansion, but honestly the game hasn't meant much to me beyond that for many years.

I just hope we play our respective games in peace and leave the others alone but who am I kidding? Gotta get those objective opinions across.
11/02/2018 10:56 PMPosted by Hailtofire
I'll probably never play regular wow again. Anyone else thinking the same???


I tried the demo today, logged in, and was reminded instantly why I never want to go back.

I have fond memories of the classic from back in the day, but the demo is just so primitive and lacking in features by today's standards.

To those who enjoyed the classic demo- More power to you.

But for me? uninstalled.

I'll tough it out a little longer with BfA, but if they fail to improve on that I will take my leave of WoW entirely.

However, I'm already upset with Blizzard for what they did to my beloved Diablo series and in WoW I play Alliance so... yeah. Doesn't look good for Blizzards chances of keeping me around in the future.

Blizzard... what have you become?

You should probably be begging both Metzen and Morhiem to come back and maybe even get the Blizzard North guys to make a return as well for good measure.

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