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is a brand new guild created by a group of friends who have been playing together since MoP! Current leaders are 4/8M. We are looking for players of similar skill to join us in creating an awesome community and progress the hardest content!

We are looking to be a highly competitive guild on a casual raid schedule (6 hours per week top 300). Leaders have previous top 100 experience, and are also MDI competitors. Our group of friends love to do Mythic plus & sell them as well as the occasional RBG/PVP (I myself have two rank 1 titles) and that is a huge part of our community having things to do with each other outside of raid nights.

  • 100% Attendance & Ready to accept invites 15 min. prior to raid
  • Knowledge of your class and how to maximize your potential on any encounter including playing off-spec if needed (min of 80% avg parse on WL)
  • Battle & Healing Potions as well as enchants & gems in/on your gear
  • Good attitude during raid and able to take positive criticism
  • No negativity/racism/sexism/name calling/raging during raid we are all adults!
  • A working mic and decent computer (no toasters)

Raid Times:
Tuesday + Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST (Server)

Contact Information:
Deathlobsta: RealID - Deathlobsta#1397 Discord - Deathlobsta#5053
Shotski: RealID - Easybake#1369 Discord - Shotskie#3524

Bump! Be sure to reach out to us - looking for a fresh start? Look no further!

376 frost mage looking for new guild - current guild recently decided to stop raiding... 2/8 mythic, ATOC, 950io. Definitely enjoy running mythic+ dungeons.

Hit me up in game if interested.


Still looking 4/8mythic experience preferred!
Hi, I am a DK (Blood/UH) looking for a guild with 2 of my friends. One is a holy/disc priest and the other is a DPS warrior. We are all 3/8M. If interested, I have added you on bnet.

Updated raid times!

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