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Deleted, current affixes are great and I was wrong.
So many words. Why are there always so many words.
These suggestions are @#$@# terrible and would make almost immediate 1 shots.
I can appreciate your effort, but as a healer in mythic +, those really don't sound like fun to me at all.
11/05/2018 06:01 PMPosted by Nystic
  • You take 50% more damage and you deal 100% more damage.

  • A lot of damage is designed to take you to low health but not kill you. Making it 50% higher will result in lots of deaths. Some bosses may be impossible. The extra damage could compensate some what for all the walk back time from the deaths, I guess.

  • You have 25% less health and you deal 50% more damage

  • Same problem as before.

  • You deal 50% less damage, but your highest secondary increases by 50%

  • What's the point?

  • All healing received is reduced by 50%, but everyone gets 50% leech.

  • Sure, I guess.

  • All enemies are zombies, healing them will do damage and AOE heal allies, but this is the only way to heal allies.

  • Ah, maybe that could work.

  • Players randomly get an absorption shield, if it's healed off it does massive AOE to enemies, but if an enemy damages it off is does massive AOE to the group.

  • No thanks.

  • Every 2 minutes you get a buff or debuff for 30 secs, the buff is heroism and the debuff is anti-heroism in which all cast times are increased.

  • They had a boss similar to this in Cata, it sucked.
    These all sound terrible. The current affixes, aside from explosive needing some tweaks, are fine. They may be getting a little old and I wouldnt mind seeing some new ones (there was a pre-BFA rumor for one that made all mobs immune to CC), but there's nothing wrong with them.
    Shocker the dps wants affixes that focus exclusively on making the healers life total hell.

    These ideas are a dumpster fire.
    The amount of terrible ideas that come up on these forums is great.
    Abut as a community I think we can agree that even the best affixes right now are meh.

    Stop speaking for other people. In fact, stop speaking totally.

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