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My monk should ding 120 at some point today .With the weekend ahead of me , whats the fastest way to gear up at least to get to raidfinder?
don't do world quests until you get as much gear as possible.

I personally would just wait for next Tuesday and do timewalking but people are always in a hurry.

And the fastest way is if you have friends - have them run some mythic plus with you preferably leather wearing friends so you can trade gear.

Running that raid on normal also works.
You can buy 355/370/385 bracers and gloves (plus anything in between with warforges and titanforges). You can also buy 355 trinkets. There is a world boss up that you can do for a chance at 355+ gear. Not sure if the Arathi world boss is still up for Horde or not, but it has a chance to drop 370+ gear.
11/09/2018 11:17 AMPosted by Amine
don't do world quests until you get as much gear as possible.

I disagree. Use WQ's to get the gear.

Do any world quests that reward gear that is better than what you have in that slot.
And any emissary quests that reward gear you can use.

If warfront is active for your faction, take the quest for that (rewards 370 item) and do the warfront. Completing a warfront rewards gear up to 340 (in addition to the quest).

Do the world boss once a week for a chance at some gear.
Just do warfronts, minimize while you watch YouTube. Make sure your character doesn't get the afk debuff!
Even while your faction doesn't have the Warfront, you can go in and kill all the named. I have gotten a half a dozen pieces of gear that way on alts. If i recall, it doesn't have the 320 ilvl restriction (i could be wrong on that, i don't remember) to go in and do all the quests (which one quest gives you a 340 item). Plus there is a world boss in there you can kill.
WQ, you can group up with the harder ones.

AH if the price is not overly stupid and dungeons.
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My monk should ding 120 at some point today .With the weekend ahead of me , whats the fastest way to gear up at least to get to raidfinder?

To gear up at 120 do Heroic duegons loads and get good memorize routes and learn your interupts and then

when you felt you learned enough and gotten you gear level to a decent amount 310-320 start doing mythic zeros and getting your feet in ground... Once you gotten decent at Mythic zero Form your own group and use your key stone and make sure you select your members carefully either use Raider IO if its your thing or if you dont want to support it..

Do your own screen test like challange members to a duel and measure their dps and gear check them and inspect them to make sure they got decent gear... can be time consuming I only recomend this for higher end mythic plus keys if you really dislike Raider IO like me...Other wise just use it..

Finally Only advance to higher keys once you mastered lower levels if your still having a hard time on lower keys you need to get better and pick decent members or your guild...

And if your a tank or a healer you must learn the routes and memorize when
to interupt a boss!!! Becuse everyone looks to the Tank and healer for leadership This is important becuse it can mean difference between a wipe and a win and can affect timer massively...

Or if your not a duegon person get to 310-320 Gear score and then do raids in LFR finder until you get good at them and then do higher level raids.

Good luck out their and remember do your best and you should do fine even if you dont use Raider IO.
I look on the AH for some cheap 300+ gear then go and do some WQ's. Oh log out then back in and the WQ's update the gear levels as well. Then get your 2 seals and do the world bosses. Arathi gives gear as well but can be one or none thing.

If your friends do mythics or such maybe get a carry in as well for some gear.
Buy the ilvl 300 pvp gear, the 355 darkmoon cards are cheap now as well. Then do wq bosses and coin on them to get a higher chance of loot. If your faction still owns arathi then join a rare spawn farm group for a chance to get 340 (I've done this on 4 characters and averaged 2 pieces of loot per rare farm loop) and kill the faction world boss for a chance at 370 loot. If you manage to get lucky a couple times on top of getting the 300 pvp gear, you can grind out world quests for 325+ gear. Then grind warfronts for full 340 gear and you can finally do mythics.
Get all three main factions to friendly to unlock world quests. I would hold off on any WQ gear until you have exhausted all your other "free gear" options. (the reason for this is that WQs scale all the way to 330 depending on your ilevel. Getting a 300 piece when you are proabbly 280-300 is a waste)

Buy two bonus roll tokens, Kill WB, bonus roll.

Go to arathi highlands, get all quests, kill arathi WB, bonus roll.

Kill all arathi rares and do all arathi quests (skip the ones that don't reward gear for speed, the rep, ap and resources are nice though). One quest will give you a piece of 340 gear. The rares can drop 340 gear (anything but trinkets and rings). they seem to drop about 3-4 pieces of gear for killing them all.

Check ah for cheap weapons, rings and trinkets.

Complete WQ's for gear, however, I wouldnt turn in any emisary quests until your Ilevel pushes the reward to 340+

Do all 3 wings of LFR

I dinged 120 last night and am currently ilevel 340. I dont think I was overly lucky. got 2pieces from lfr, 1 from regualr WB, nothing from arathi WB. got 4-5 pieces total in arathi, including quest reward,picked up 370 gloves on AH for 20k and trinket for 9k.
11/09/2018 11:11 AMPosted by Puurfection
My monk should ding 120 at some point today .With the weekend ahead of me , whats the fastest way to gear up at least to get to raidfinder?
WQs and the auction house.

My feral druid dinged 120 several days ago and less than 1 day later I was already ilevel 327. Spent about 50k at the AH on gear for her.

Also make sure to pickup your 2 weekly bonus loot-roll tokens and kill the world boss.
WQ -> M0'S -> LFR -> Normal Uldir PUG -> Heroic Uldir Pug // Warfront if you're Alliance // World Boss // Bonus rolls.

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