Can you combine different worlds in Azeroth into one now?

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Seeing that Zandalar, Kul'tiras, Pandaria, Northrend, Broken isles, Maelstrom (if it stops moving), Eastern kingdoms and the Quel dana's zones (and maybe Kamildor and Azure isles) are just a 3-4 minute fly from each island, you think it's time to pop them all in the same world, considering the new tech that is supposedly better and considering computers can handle all the zones being in one world at a time, or the very least, getting better?

Heck, you can even put invisible walls around the places that require you to have an expansion to. Hey it's about as immersive as flying out into the ocean, hitting an invisible wall, checking your map, showing that your over Northrend, but no northrend to be seen cause i guess it melted or something.
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It's not that simple since they are on different servers. Think Wreck It Ralph where they have to travel to each individual arcade box to get into that game.

I'm guessing it would be insanely complex to do and not worth the effort, with exception for Azuremist and Quel'thalas. Especially with the different expansion continents, the only difference would be the elimination of a few load screens.

In the case of traveling from Orgrimmar to Northrend, it would still take a load screen to get there, as physically traveling there would take a good stretch of time with nothing in between.

tl;dr, not worth the effort except for maybe the 2 BC starting zones.
11/09/2018 02:43 PMPosted by Ralanthel
tl;dr, not worth the effort except for maybe the 2 BC starting zones.

I'l be alright with it honestly with they went with that route, considering TBC is part of Base WoW now and don't need to buy separate old expansions.

It's just i expect more from new tech to do more then the same thing but better, like huge streaming worlds, all connected together. It's also pretty weird to me to see the zone count per new world decreases, even if Eastern Kingdoms and Kamidor can handle like 15+ zones back in 2005, Albeit, not as detailed or have high fidelity models and textures seen in WoD and up. Considering they dropped support for old computers with the exception of Windows Seven, i don't think adding a details much like WoD or upping the fidelity in classic zones wouldn't be a real a memory sink for the computer.

Maybe a pipe dream at best.

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