Blizzard is like a giant bellowing beast

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We must appease the beast by throwing our $$$ at it, hopefully in large bills because the beast has a mighty diet.

All hail the beast!
All hail Activision-Blizzard!
Blizzard is like a once powerful wizard who has lost all of their powers and is now living under a bridge like a hobo.
Should Blizzard be our new raid boss? The way titled it seems so.
Blizzard is like a game company with many employees whose goal is largely to make a profit for themselves and shareholders by creating content that people will pay for.
This sounds like a goblin run cult.
Y'know, for years, I used to think I couldn't despise a game publisher more than EA, then in comes Activision-Blizzard asking us to hold their overpriced pretentious microbrewed IPA.

I swear, it's like they just lost a decade of goodwill from me like that, and I'd love to tell them why, but I doubt they'd listen.
You either die a hero as developers we knew and love have passed on, or you live long enough to see your studio become the villain by merging up.

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