Resto druid 3s help

Hello, so I am trash at resto in arena. Lf some advice. Can't seem to win any games
I posted about Resto Druid heres some help.

1. You need a good team, LFG is a circus of random people who may net you 5 wins or 20 losses.

2. Run the swiftmend azurite traits, regrowth trait as a runner up.

3. Use PVP talents, focused growth, thorns as needed and always run nourish and cyclone.

4. Focus (right click) the mage or whoever else might CC you so you can see it coming and duck behind pillar or go bear form (my bear form is the mouse wheel button easy and quick).

5. Try and hang back, a few feet away can be the difference between you slamming heals or getting cc'd, I know your DPS melee specifically can make it hard to stand back.

6. Try and know and counter big enemy cooldowns IE: use Tree Form, Iron Bark, Thorns.

7. Your CC is nice, but don't overextend yourself without an opening. If enemy healer is spam healing maybe its time to cat dash behind him bash then cyclone twice, but watch it some heals may pop trinket and instant CC chain you instead.
By the way, I'm doing these things and just because you can heal well doesn't mean you'll win. Currently running LFG for 3v3 arena and winning 30-40% of my fights as resto druid. If your DPS isn't cc chaining or peeling or interrupting the CC or big DPS casts you might as well be giving out free CR.

I don't know specific any twitch streamers for resto druid, but I'd watch them. I was struggling with resto sham and started watching the CDEW channels and realized I was doing the same !@#$ and sometimes more. The people the same CR as you got there with different comps different team mates and may have never needed to CC or interrupt, Team synergy is big, DPS can offheal and sometimes CC to save the team.

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