Ever see any "famous" wow players in game?

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During vanilla WoW I played on the same server as Felicia Day, fought her in PVP. Didn't know it was her until long past vanilla.
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I met Mute of Roguecraft fame about 12 years ago, met Drakedogg, Pat and also Maydie before that.

All Arthas US, all cool af ppl

Btw most of you newbs prob don't even know who any of those were except for mute.

Drakedogg was a warlock who in pretbc was criitting SBs for 5k
Pat was the first high warlord tauren warr
Maydie was also a grand marshal warrior who back in the day had pvp vids hit millions of views which was unheard of back then for PvP vids.

Oh I met Trickery too.
I saw Asmongold trying to get his Highmountain Mount. I’ve also played in Unranked Bg’s with Dalaran Gaming during his streams
Not sure if you guys remember Summergale from BC/wrath music videos with Nhym but I did an LFR with her back in WoD. I actually had a cool conversation with her. She said she doesn't get recognized as much anymore.
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We're not chest beaters, unlike some.
*cough* Russell Crowe *cough* *cough*

He's NZs problem
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During vanilla WoW I played on the same server as Felicia Day, fought her in PVP. Didn't know it was her until long past vanilla.

Well in your defense Felicia Day wasn't famous yet when Vanilla was out just was just barely into her career then.
Dunno, to be honest I wouldn't know. I don't consider streamers to be famous and the people I would consider to be famous I wouldn't know who they were in game.

If I did somehow recognise someone I would treat them like I treat any other player in game. I'd be friendly, likely silly then go on about my day.
Kinda have to define "famous", because I'm in plenty of runs with people who are well known in the WoW community and are pretty cool people who definitely make the game better for me and others.

Killed Swifty a few times, as part of a group, but sadly lost my screenshots years ago *sad face*, although I think one might survive somewhere on my WoW twitter...
Aside from "local" (server) celebrities, not really.

Seeing Gigabear in person is pretty awesome when he's made himself taller than the Stormwind Cathedral.
I spotted mercader popping off in the dalaran sewers on his rogue toward the end of legion, it was a pretty kewl moment
If you've seen me, then you've been around some one famous.

<Famously unfamous.<
Killed Asmongold when he was trying to kill Lor'themar.
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I just saw swifty out doing a world quest. I didn't gank him because I wanted to see if it was really him (it was).

I then didn't want to gank him while he was fighting a mob, though I probably should have.

Anyone else see famous wow players out in the wild?

Friend and I got put in a legion scenario with asmongold once. You know the one with 3 people? Friend was pretty tickled by that and I told him he needed to get a screen shot. I hope they still have it.
I see Asmongold every so often. I kinda feel sorry for that guy, because he can't go anywhere without a mob of people following him, spamming stuff at him to try and get noticed on his stream.
If I did, I wouldn't know. I know not a single relevant person in the WoW community.
I don’t watch streamers so I wouldn’t recognize one if I seen one but I’ve seen Zunde and You in game.
I saw asmongold picking his nose
I saw someone who's forum-famous, if that's a word. She spends most of her time posting in the BG forums and is somewhat known there.
I have never.

However, now that I know Henry Cavill used to play wow, I really wish I would have ran into him in-game.
He's just so... dreamy. *melts*
Seen and killed most of the PvP streamers when Tichondrius was the cool kids server.

Swifty, soda, baj, ect.

The increased amount of CRZ kindve ruined it.

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