Massive latency issues - AT&T in Southern U.S.

Technical Support
Confirmed happening to our guild too, about half of us+ are getting crazy world lag.
Comcast in Maryland and raid is unplayable with spikes of 3 sec delays.
Comcast Chicago, same thing.
New Jersey checking!

Same problem on comcast.

Spiking up over 300ms world pretty regularly.
Comcast. Seattle. 300-500 ms. Mother Impossible.
Comcast in Chicago, hovering around 200 MS.
As soon as the add on M Mythrax spawns I start lagging so bad I am dropping like 1/2 my globals.
Experiencing same here across our entire raid group, located across the US with a variety of providers. MS holding around 250 MS and spiking to 1000 MS. This is really making it difficult to raid M Uldir...
1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms homeportal []
2 23 ms 31 ms 36 ms []
3 17 ms 17 ms 22 ms
4 25 ms 23 ms 24 ms []
5 19 ms 22 ms 18 ms []
6 25 ms 19 ms 30 ms
7 63 ms 63 ms 63 ms []
8 3428 ms * * []
9 63 ms 63 ms 64 ms []
10 65 ms 65 ms 65 ms []
11 64 ms 64 ms 64 ms
12 64 ms 64 ms 68 ms
my connection is great. but im playing from ireland
Verizon east coast and entire raid is getting it from different providers.
Howdy everyone!

We are aware there is an issue with latency in Uldir right now and it's being looked into. No files have been requested at this time but if that changes I'll get back to ya'll.

Please keep an eye out on the forum for any updates.
It seems it has cleared up for my raid group. The average latency is still a bit higher than normal, but there is no longer ability lag or moving like a slideshow.
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I am experience terrible lag in game as well. Was not in Uldir tonight, but had huge spikes in the questing zones.
Experienced the lag both inside Uldir and outside the world doing world quests.
My game is running but not loading is this the reason why?

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