Legacy loot behavior for mount and pet drops

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I have a question on how the legacy loot system works for mount and pet drops.

If I run let's say, Icecrown 25 man with 2 people, is the Invincible mount chance 1% between both people (effectively one chance), or do we each have an independent 1% chance at looting the mount (effectively two chances)?

I hadn't really considered the latter before, but I did Throne of Thunder 25 man the other day and on Ji-Kun we each got 3 loot pieces and both got the Ji-Kun Hatchling pet, which I thought was odd, but maybe just a coincidence.
I was just wondering that myself. Trying to decide if me and my friend should each solo things or team up to make it faster.
In Legacy Loot mode, all of the loot that would drop from the boss drops. You have no better chance at any loot with 1 or 2 or a full raid group. With more players, the loot is split between those in the raid. If you have more players, than loot, some people will not receive loot. Soloing is preferred if you can do it.

I believe pet drops may be a personal chance because more than one can drop. Some mount drops may also be personal as well - we've had multiple Charhounds and the Miss Sassy mounts drop in the same run. I have never heard of multiple Invincible's or Mim's head dropping - even when they were current - so I doubt 2 could drop.

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