How many of you are in a guild only for the guild perks?

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For me, a guild is like a home for my family (my characters and close friends).
i laugh when people speak about "friends" on the internet
I have been in the same guild for 14 years, I stay because the people are awesome..

Me, since I'm the only person "in" the guild.

The other people, mainly the Guild Leader, only shows up to retain ownership near the limit.

However, I'm not of a rank where I'd get ownership anyway even if they NEVER showed up again. Meanwhile no one ever shows up, who would be able to take ownership.

I find this humorous, while I enjoy the guild perks.

I also can't even invite other people to the guild, so it is especially just "a guild of me." I'm only in it because I offered to "sign", then they all showed up from some "other server" and then took a powder soon after.
have an alt like this. needed the looms...

I'd ask to put this alliance main in to be more social but not on the char much lol.

As this char bangs out exalted reps, she is run less. See an already exalted as emissary cache its a night off really. I have 3 nights off now lol.

Horde work or void elf alt levelling takes center stage then.
Depends on the guild. The one I'm in is small but awesome. Constant banter and always someone doing something if you're in the mood.

I haven't even looked at the communities tab, I have no idea how they work and don't care.

Let me keep my guild, stop pruning !@#$ from the game just coz you don't use it.
This is most of the guilds I've tried lately. I actually had someone chew me out for saying "hello", it's ridiculous.

When I asked once why it's so quiet in guild chat, another person responded, "oh sure let me just quit what I'm doing in this scenario so I can talk to you". Sheesh don't get your panties in a bunch. O.o

Everyone makes it sound so easy, "join a guild to make friends!" but so far after trying out several guilds, that advice has been bupkis.

Compared to other MMOs I've played it's like pulling teeth to get people in this one to just say hi.
11/13/2018 09:13 PMPosted by Ivanknowles
Perks aside, Communities did have some potential as an alternative to guilds. You wouldn't have to leave your server and you'd have your own channel to talk to friends.

But Communities were meant to replace Discord, in theory. Mine is dead, but I guess if they integrated the guild perks into Communities, they might have lasted longer.

They exist still, but I have yet to see an active one.

I belong to a community, but we mostly just use discord for chatting about our interests.
There are guild perks? I just thought I played with my guild because I enjoy their company and the game is more enjoyable with them.

Thank you OP for showing me the error of my ways. I never knew that there is no reason to be in a guild except for these life altering perks.
I love the people in my guild, they're fun.
11/13/2018 09:03 PMPosted by Zaleos
I mean, whenever I've been on a guild, it'd be like 50+ ppl logged in, and no one would say a damn word. Makes me wonder what guild chat was made for.

Truth.. I always do a /who on the guild to see how many are on thinking chat wouldn’t be dead. Accept the invite to see tumbleweeds. I know people use discord but even back in the day when I was in a active raid guild we always had chat clients but guild chat was always booming.
If you're not in a guild running content with people you enjoy being around, you are missing out on 90% of what makes WoW fun.
11/14/2018 09:04 AMPosted by Sy
If you're not in a guild running content with people you enjoy being around, you are missing out on 90% of what makes WoW fun.

No wonder I've been bored lately.
All my alts I'll get them into a guild just for the perks. My main however is in one for the perks, but I did purposely find a guild that could accommodate my play style. I really like my guild. Lots of very nice people in it that I pretty much never interact with.
11/14/2018 09:04 AMPosted by Sy
If you're not in a guild running content with people you enjoy being around, you are missing out on 90% of what makes WoW fun.

I don't think I could handle that much fun.
I'm in the guild I'm in because I've known the guild leader since college so ... around 25 years. There are other nice people in the guild too and we even do things as a guild!

If it wasn't for that I'd probably quit WoW for good.
*Raises Hand* I try my best to talk to people when I join these random guilds. Half the time they tell you to join Discord and Guild in game chat is dead.
I truthfully want a guild that means something beyond numbers
I used to be after my friends stopped playing long ago, but now I like the people in my main's guild, and the raiding is casual progressive, so I usually bring in alts past 70 into that one.
11/13/2018 08:10 PMPosted by Asana
Pretty much. This is actually a solo guild, just me in it.

Perks are nice, no pressure to be social and the conversations are fun! Or maybe that's just the madness slowly setting in. I should ask myself later.

This sounds like the ideal guild I'm looking for. Maybe you can open up your roster to invite other quiet, adult , drama free monks.
I've been in this guild since 2008 so, no I'm not here for the perks.

I can't imagine being in a guild for silly perks rather than for people.

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