How many of you are in a guild only for the guild perks?

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show me a guild worth being in i join. otherwise i solo. most dont talk, do things as a group or just being friendly.

I don't even know what my guild name is.

E: Oh yeah, I remember joining that guild now.
11/13/2018 09:20 PMPosted by Awby
This game seems incredibly pointless without a good guild full of people you enjoy spending time with. Even playing DotA2 sounds more pleasant than just pugging everything in silence.

As a mostly solo player the past couple xpacs, I finally joined an active social guild and despite the flaws with BfA I gotta say, this is what is keeping me playing and enjoying the game much more than in the past.
I know I am.

It's funny how guild advertise themselves though. It's always about preparing for X raid, help other out with stuff and have fun.

Yet, over the last few years, I've rarely seen anything like that in guilds I've joined, especially those who auto-invite guildless people with a generic whisper following the invite. Things like I'm offering help, no answers. I need help, no answers. Say hi on a friday night, still no answers. I've not had any fun/insightful guild chat for a pretty long while.

This is partially my fault though because I don't really care at the moment so I'm not making any effort regarding that. I've been pugging Uldir for a couple of weeks now and this is where I meet nice people (and some less nice people but it's rare). It's a shame that most of them are not on my server/cluster because I would have found many guild opportunities with awesome people.

My peak with a guild was in TBC and Wrath. It also coincide with the best absolute time I've had in this game since 2004. Kinda been downhill from that point.
Years ago, we would find out what the minimum level was to get into a dungeon, and get 5 qualifying guild members of various levels together. We would help the lowest level folks travel to dungeon entrances. We'd go inside using the entrance portal rather than an LFG queue.

Those were fun guild events and the only things that made us feel like we were actually part of a guild.
I was until about a year ago. Or whenever it was they took mass res. et al, out of the game.
I'm in my guild because I helped found it in Wrath, and we used to be a large multi-game guild. Now it's just a few people that casually log in.

Honestly, I mostly play the game solo or with my gf. I have never used the communities feature (not sure I see the point of it) and honestly don't care about the guild perks. Most of my alts are guildless.

I'm in my guild because I just can't bring myself to leave it due to all the memories I have with it from back in Wrath and Cata when I used to play.
Lets see... what perks do I get in my guild

1. People to talk to
2. People to raid / pvp / M+ / fish / herb etc with
3. People to commiserate when I fail at something
4. People to celebrate with when I accomplish something
5. oh and a few ingame things that aren't really that important.

A community doesn't do all that, especially ones that aren't tight knit that you get from raiding. And when I mentioned the commiserate / celebrate... that isn't all about ingame accomplishments. It's out of game ones too... celebrating a guildie getting a promotion or something occurring in real life that is causing stress - we support them.

A good guild, one that is built around the members is more of a community than the community tool can ever be.
it's part of it sure. I also really enjoy the PUG life. It's one thing to clear Heroic Raids or push above 2k with a dedicated team. Quite another to do it with a group of strangers who are good at the game.

I like the challenge of the PUG, but having friends is a nice bonus
11/13/2018 06:55 PMPosted by Adeuce
When I talk to people about this, in game or out of game, I hear: I'm only in XYZ guild for the perks and that's it.

Genuinely curious as I'm wondering who would go solo if there was a system that gave all the perks of the guild to you without being in a guild, up to max guild level. Grind to get perks being about equal or hell, maybe a little less than the guild grind.

To the GMs who blind invite: how dare I bring up a suggestion? Well, there just doesn't feel like there's a draw to being in a guild other than the perks and big fat maybe to having a community, but then they added a community system where it's almost like a vanilla guild, but without the guild.

Any of you in a guild where you never get promoted and/or never get access to guild repair funds?

I don't like changing guilds so I tend to stay in them unless they get really obnoxious. Most of my characters are in guilds just simply not to get spammed with guild invites.
Anytime I get an auto out of the blue invite I always join. Then I always announce "thanks. It's not easy finding a guild as a convicted child molester. I'm not supposed to talk or interact with kids"

Obviously it's just a goof but one guild was so hard up they were like "np..
Welcome aboard....". A bunch of awkward hellos...

I couldn't take the cringiness. They out cringed me. I bailed.
too many guilds not enough merges.
Been in this guild for like 3 expansions now. They are not very active like before but they are a bunch of cool dudes
In for Hasty Hearth.

Guilds usually figure out pretty quick that I'm a casual baddie and let me wander around and queue random BGs in peace.
11/14/2018 10:19 AMPosted by Raiyyn
I can't imagine being in a guild for silly perks rather than for people.

Most people suck. You found good people. Lucky.
Used to be in a very social guild with some cool folks. Even had events and contests every now and then. But some kind of drama happened and the guild disbanded.

Ever since then I never really put much effort into finding another one like that.
11/13/2018 06:55 PMPosted by Adeuce
Any of you in a guild where you never get promoted and/or never get access to guild repair funds?

My Horde Druid is in a guild for the perks. Random invite and I just joined. Have been in the guild for three weeks and yesterday was the first time anyone said hello to me. I don't even know if they do content.

Guild Repairs and Promotion aren't really important.
For all the new people in this thread saying they are in a guild so they don't get spammed with invites for other guilds...

You know you can just disable ginvites in the social menu in game, right?

And legit, I know it may suck or whatever, but there are good guilds with good people out there. You just have to have patience and diligence to find them, and once you join be willing to offer a helping hand first.

Some of the good guilds will treat newcomers very cautiously, because they've probably had the same experiences with undesirables we've all had. And they understandably want to protect what they've built.

Be the type of friend you'd like to have, and don't give up. You'll find that guild.
When i join a guild. i warn them my special daughter plays. so no guild bank accesses. surprising most keep me. been here for last two or so expansion.
11/14/2018 09:04 AMPosted by Sy
If you're not in a guild running content with people you enjoy being around, you are missing out on 90% of what makes WoW fun.

I agree for the most part. Problem is I have been playing since Vanilla and the guild I raided with/made friends in etc up until WOD dissolved. People got bored with wow or out grew it and went on their way.

I would love to join a friendly guild that just loves to run no pressure dungeons, hang out and chat etc but those are few and far between these days. Most guilds I join these days never even associate with each other. I don’t think the social aspect of this game is anywhere what it used to be.

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