How many of you are in a guild only for the guild perks?

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Guild Repairs? At one time, guilds had sources of income, but that was long ago.

If I am a new, low-level player, guild repairs would be a nice perk but at higher levels players should be able to afford paying for their own repairs. Repairs get expensive!
There are three of us in this guild, and one of those only because they got sick of the guild they were in on their main and they just wanted/needed a guild.

Mostly, I just started the guild as an easy way of getting more bank storage and transferring stuff between characters. Any other minor perk is just icing.

FUN FACT: The word Beer in a guild name is a naughty word, but Booze is just fine.
::raises hand::

I got a rando inv while leveling and just stuck with it for the perks.. don't know anyone or even use guild chat. all my raid progress and rbg stuff comes from group finder.

and tbh as someone who was deep into raiding during Vanilla, Wrath.. i don't feel like i'm missing out on anything. In fact i prefer it this way.
My experience with random invites has been bad, with all of them. The chat is mostly dead, check the discord link and, if it works, I experience first hand why a lot are saying "people suck". don't want to be in someone else's guild dealing with their b/s.

I see conflict with schedules being a big issue, also the game is just old. It is. People don't look at guilds the same way any more. Back then, in vanilla, you had to get closer to the guild to get higher chances for the invite to the raid, for the loot. There might have been drama, or maybe it worked out. I suspect some people are burnt out on how the guild leaders ran things back then. Just give is the guild perk system without the guild.
Most of my characters aren't in Guilds. Just isn't my thing. The few that are, are in bank guilds I own.

I left the guild scene in WoD and never looked back. :)
If by guild perks you mean playing with a ton of cool people and being on a great raid team that fits my play time then yes. Yes I joined for the guild perks.
Actually, I’m in my guild because of fond memories from Classic through early Cata. It’s basically dead now. If t weren’t for those memories, I’d trade to a more active one.

I like the perks because I like the idea of working towards things together. Trying to encourage guilds to do activity together is not a bad thing. If my guild didn’t have the perks, I’d work towards them, and I’d enjoy that.

But mostly, I miss the company at this point.
Just for perks

My last truly good guild that we were all great friends and running heroics together and leveled up our guild to a respectable lvl was in Cata.

Now every guild I'm in across a variety of alts just remain silent even if spoken to, it's like talking to a wall. Or worst yet, speaking in pugs where either you'll get nothing or insulted.

But at least they may acknowledge yr existence.

This one I'm in on my main tries, they raid or mythic plus or w/e. I ran all of Uldir on norm w/ them one night, they yelled at me over discord for standing in the purple swirlies when they were literally spawning wherever my guy was standing/moving, and I got a few items but none at all were upgrades even tho I need a few 355 item replacements, and I ended killimg G'hunn with nothing at all to show for it so I haven't been back.
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Perks aside, Communities did have some potential as an alternative to guilds. You wouldn't have to leave your server and you'd have your own channel to talk to friends.

But Communities were meant to replace Discord, in theory. Mine is dead, but I guess if they integrated the guild perks into Communities, they might have lasted longer.

They exist still, but I have yet to see an active one.

I belong to a community, but we mostly just use discord for chatting about our interests.

I think that's what some of them do myself. They just add you to the roster and give the Discord info. I doubt the in-game voice chat for the Communities are used but probably wrong about that.
Kind of...

The guild I’m on belongs to me and I’m in it for the perk of not being spam invited by strangers and a large personal bank.
Just make your own guild, I see people doing it all the time in general or trade chat. They you can have the benefits of being in a guild, a guild of you and your alts.
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Just make your own guild, I see people doing it all the time in general or trade chat. They you can have the benefits of being in a guild, a guild of you and your alts.

Basically, sure and thats what I did yesterday. However, its time to bring a new system that is essentially a solo guild, with all the perks, bank space, a way to solo invite alts and NO signatures required. Guilds can revert to community hubs as they once were, if people so choose to join.

On a side note, wtf is blizzard doing to the permission control? Holy crap are they trying to kill guilds with this stuff?

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