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Plains striding

Barring that, the boats from last year's Blizzcon
Tyrael's Charger or a broom mount. Doesn't even have to be instacast, but I would love that broom.

Either that or a ship that actually uses the water, not the air. Just cause...Kul Tiras and all.
That wouldnt make sense, Alliance would only be able to choose a horse mount [non invincible of course] Horde would get any mount they want as long as its a wolf [+ invincible because why not]
I'd want either the AQ mount or the white panda serpent from getting Glad.
A horse.

For sure.
11/14/2018 11:39 AMPosted by Luqid
11/14/2018 11:27 AMPosted by Annastasi
Pink love rocket

i've got a pink love rocket for you to mount

This thread is over, this comment wins.
11/14/2018 12:29 PMPosted by Neltherial
None because this wouldn't happen.

Reality strikes again.
Can I hold off on my wish until Mythic Jaina releases with her elemental mount? I kinda need that one sir.
The high rez version of the Scarab Lord mount that they put in when they introduced the Silithus micro holiday.
That silly looking hippo mount... pretty please? I'll give you cookies!!!!
The original ZG raptor!
Magic broom of course
Real mount: Magical Rooster or one of the Cata glad drakes.

Made up mount: A flying magical unicorn with snow white fur and golden horns and hooves that leaves a trail of brilliant stars of all the colours of the rainbow behind it.

Also everyone within 40 yards gets the diabetes debuff.
Tyrael's Charger
I just want the Swift Zulian Tiger. I know there's really no way of me obtaining one now, as I haven't been able to generate much gold during this expansion, so I can't just hang out in the Black Market AH and max bid on one in the very rare occurrence it would show up to begin with.
I agree with the boat thing. I would love a multi-person boat we can use anywhere in game where there is water. Make sure those stupid angry fish cannot dismount you!!

I kind of like the boat they had for the Valentine's holiday, the love boat?

I would absolutely love a huge ship like Jaina's ghostly ship, where we could have an entire 5 man group ride in to shoot cannons at other boats and see who could sink the other boat!! Now that is a kind of pvp I would love to do!
Tyrael's Charger. Had that on my first ever account which was hacked. I want that back, durnit!
Swift Zulian Tiger
11/14/2018 11:34 AMPosted by Pellex
The zhevra that used to come with Recruit-a-Friend.

It still does, I got it a couple of months ago.

For me, Invincible.
Galleon... then I can have my Tuesdays back after 5 years.

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