[H]Warung Tegal 3/8M - Indonesians!

Guild <Warung Tegal> - Horde - Barthilas
Rank 60 on Server Barthilas on Uldir Mythic Progression

We are an active guild who does mythic progression for fun and challenge!

Our progression:
8/8 Uldir Heroic
3/8 Uldir Mythic

We are currently recruiting For Mythic progression:
* DK/Rogues
* Paladins
* Priests
* Range DPS!
* Any dedicated tank
* Any dedicated healer

Raid schedule:
Loot mode: Personal Loot
Wednesday: 21:00 - 24:00 WIB (UTC+7)
Thursday: 21:00 - 24:00 WIB (UTC+7)
Monday: 21:00 - 24:00 WIB (UTC+7)

We run heroics and other casual raids on other days when there are enough interest.
We run Mythic pluses for weekly +10 cache on a regular basis.

We also recruit casuals or those who want to have an avenue to tryout good challenging content! We welcome them!

We use Discord

For more information about raid or want to join the Guild, you can contact via:

* In Game PM / w "Duroneka-Barthilas" or “Raknaros-Barthilas"
* Add BattleTag: Orlandeau#6337

Language used: Indonesian and English

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