How do pvp island expeditions work?

Specifically do pvp island expeditions have to be horde vs alliance or can they be ally vs ally, or horde vs horde.

If you que up at the same time as another team, what are the odds that you'll be put into the same island expedition. Basically how easy is it to set up win trading with them.

I want to get my pvp island expedition achievements, haven't started them yet, but they're a few of the 'easy' achievements that I have left. If it's easy to just win trade them, I wouldn't be opposed to joining up with a couple alliance, and three horde to get some of these.
PvP Islands will place you against whatever group is next in the queue - Horde v Horde, Alliance v Alliance or Horde v Alliance - if I understand correctly.
In that case it sounds like if you had two groups of three all queueing up simultaneously you'd have roughly a 50/50 chance of being matched together. If you had three groups queueing simultaneously two of them would be guaranteed to face each other.

Edit: As I think more about it, if you had two groups and queued simultaneously, you could just cancel any queue pops if it didn't pop simultaneously for both groups involved. Might be the best way to try to farm them if you don't have an OP pvp group of friends.

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