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Wyrmrest Accord
I've been around for a while (CD rom Warcraft was where it all started for me LoL) taking breaks here and there. My recent break was several years, prior to the end of MoP to Legion). I had so many friends then. Now... everyone is gone =( I've been in a few guilds (not a guild hopper and really hate leaving one) but every time there's either barely anyone on (full of alts), no one talks or it's just very segregated into a certain few who actually engage in conversation. Not knocking them, or even the one that I'm currently in. However, I am so so so very "alone".

I'm a casual player. Not big into raiding aside from raid finder or random mythic runs here and there. What I'd like to be a part of is an active group similar to my own interests. Those interests are as follows:

*Roleplay (I'm open and working on rebuilding or creating stories on several alts) Helping others with their RP as well (Except don't ask me about WoD because I still havent quite figured that one out still >.>)
*Running old content raids from vanilla to legion for fun, mogging gear, getting all those wonderful guild achievs by working together
*Finding secrets and attaining cool stuff like toys, pets, mounts... (just got the mailman, lucid nitemare, Uuna's story all the way through and as recently as last night the fabulous Baa'l demon goat) I'd even help others get them too!

And all these things are great but doing them alone is B O R I N G. I miss the jokes and laughter and bonding, making friends. I'm not quite sure what has happened but the community feels so... different now. And this isn't just on one server per se, it feels like the general rule. But I am an older, laid back, helpful and fun person and play the same way. No drama here. Just enjoying the game for what it is, lore and all. Does a guild like this even exist anymore? If so let me know because I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a part of it.
are you me?
I know on the Horde there is Old Soles, but I do not know an Alliance equivalent. It's a guild of older, more casual players. Might want to ask Kunbo if you can find him in game or on the forum. He mains an Alliance Pandaren but he is in that guild and would know more of what you're looking for.

Also nice to know of someone else who played the original WC1 at release !
Nice mog there Tyradivh! ;)

Elliistra I'll try. TY
Hello friend! The guild I am an officer in is so great with alot of activity. We all have alot of fun, I think its what you're looking for. We've been going strong for a few months now with a great base core. We're a heavy RP guild, nonmilitary.

Ill give you a link to our forum post, hope to hear from ya soon :D


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