[A|H] 364DK or FLEX LF H or M Weekends

Guild Recruitment
BFA has been lukewarm for me thus far, with very little raiding going on. But 8.1 is calling and looking hot hot hot! I've been AotC in Legion, and I'm looking to play melee. Though I could easily flex to a different class for the right group*, as I really want to land in a place that feels like home!

Weekends and After 8:30 PM EST during the week

Heroic Difficulty Minimum
Casual Raider with a GAME FACE
Transfer & Faction Change Friendly for the right group.*
I'm open to other raid times, but highly prefer at least one weekend night.

* Right Group: A smaller, tightly knit, bigotry free, Heroic+ raiding guild located on any US Server. The group should have mythic aspirations, but not be full of TOP 100 BROS. Since I'm a bit behind on gear, and probably won't catch up for a bit, I'd prefer a guild just getting into Mythic/finishing Heroic Uldir.
Hey Vesethe, id love to talk to you a bit. My Btag is wawa#1628

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