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Warfronts are starting to piss me off why do we have to wait a week then wait for a percentage to reach 100 for us to play in a warfront. It is right now the fastest way to get you alts geared enough for LFR and then raids be it feels as if you have to wait 2 weeks to get in to it. why dont you make it one week alliance then the other week horde or get ride of the weekly queue all together, after all its not like its PVP we are facing NPC's
Yeah, more free gear for everyone is exactly what this game needs.......
Someone doesn't read patch news.

8.1 brings another war front for more frequent access.
They are just going to make it be more of a burden to participate in it for the rewards. They are just going to burn people out with boxes to check.
Why be pissed off over it? This toon got in when there was no ilvl restriction although she was already over 320. None of my 3 alts have been able to go because of their ilvl. Should I be pissed?
11/15/2018 05:21 AMPosted by Flappydrood
Yeah, more free gear for everyone is exactly what this game needs.......
The free gear is pretty limited. You have to get a character up to 320 and then you get one 370 piece a week and a bunch of 340s depending on how many times you play. Within one cycle any alt is going to get the max it can get from Warfronts. At best it is just a catch up for alts.
My issue with the war fronts is how artificial it feels. We don't really affect the cycle of events and its not based on any pattern that fits.

A week to do the weekly quests and hunt the rare spawns, then a static period where you can't do much, then the war front opens up to do the weekly quest at some point. So at any given point you can be locked out, or left with little to do.

Why not cycle it daily? One day its the Horde who can do the weekly quests and Alliance does the war front weekly for the 370 gear, then swap it. Won't really affect things beyond giving people a chance every week at the weekly quests.

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