END IS NIGH! Forum shutdown in <40min

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*Plays "Happy Trails To You"*
And I'll see youuu....see you on the other siiiiide!
Shut it down, shut it all down.
Just more of the same on the other side.
see you all
11/15/2018 07:26 AMPosted by Flashòck
Who will claim the first post on new forums.
me obviously.
It's the end of an error
14 MINUTES!!!!!!
Wow.. People are going to have to actually work today instead of trolling the forums.. Bosses of the world cheered in delight..

NEW FORUMS?? I may start posting again!
Farewell Friends and Frenemies. See you on the other side.
Looking for forward to grinding forum faction. It's my favorite part of the game, and now I can do it at work!

T-5 Minutes.
("We'll Meet Again", Vera Lynn, end of Dr Strangelove)
*screams and ugly cries*
Stand By Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwZNL7QVJjE
Fond farewells to this version. *waves goodbye*

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