END IS NIGH! Forum shutdown in <40min

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not really but

I can't feel my toes.
Going to be interesting to see our new forum avatars, and if we'll still have an armory.. Last time we had the old armory for a very long time.
Boy, I sure I hope I don't get cut off as I near the end of this very long, very arduous sentence that I am typing and am going to send to you all right now. It'd be silly If I could no longer speak, pretending I'm some meta humorist by lamp shading the fact that since I sent the post, I really wasn't actually cut off. Wouldn't that be-
the end of freedom. the beginning of mob rule
See ya on the other side!
witness me
T minus 1 minute....
Bon voyage!
See you when I see you!
Did anyone link thunderfury yet I didn’t read the thread
A post to remember post count.

Take care everyone, see you on the flip side.

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