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Hotfixes are being used incorrectly. They are being used to edit the game instead of to bugfix. This is very unhealthy for the game.

A hotfix was supposed to be only done when absolutely necessary for the smashing of cheating, bugs and completely unintended mistakes, such as if a class had an ability that had its decimal point one or two places off.

A hotfix is NOT supposed to just edit whatever is strong or weak on the fly. Do not move the goal posts. If a class under preforms you(Blizzard) should take that on the chin and accept fault. You made a mistake, live with it until the next patch if it was not a bug. This is the only way to ensure you will get things closer to right when releasing the next major patch.

It is not fair to a competitive PvE and PvP season to have the goal posts moved mid season. Im saying this as a shaman who was basically the least desirable PvE class in the entire game, and is middling power in PvP(Remember, Enh wasnt storming the gates of glad titles until they buffed it in hotfixes.. then turned around and nerfed the crap out of it.)

This dev team will never learn to do their job if they use Hotfixing as a cheat code to pretend they did it right all along. Blizzard should swear off of hotfixing class balance entirely. It is NOT good for the game. It is NOT how you satisfy players who's classes are weak. You can only do it by getting closer to right in major content patches and you cant learn to do that if you always have the temptation to "Just hotfix it later".

If you cant get it right with 4-6 months of testing and preparation for a major content patch, how do you expect to get it right just throwing around 5% to 35% changes to abilities and class overall power in hotfixes you only have weeks to prepare for at most?

Never forget when Enh Shamans got a 5% damage buff one week, then the next week a 5% damage nerf and 33% healing nerf and 30% mana regen nerf. This is an example of just how inaccurate hotfixing is.

Edit: PS. Get rid of templates. They didnt work in Legion, they are not working in BFA. No ability should function differently in PvE or PvP in damage or healing outputs. CC should be the only exception and Ive suggested many a great way to deal with that exception. When a player reads Healing Surge and it says itll heal for about 25% of their hp, then they cast it in PvP and it heals for 15%, that is a problem. You are lying to the player and misleading them. Tooltip updating is flunky as hell too.

Best solution is to base monster health and player damage off of -player- health so that all abilities simply work in pvp. But youll have to wait until next expansion to fix that mistake youve been making since BC.

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