What's your neck AP level?

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Lots of people around level 22... coincidentally, that's also Gurgthock's HoA level.
1 or 2, I dunno I haven't been paying attention to it on any of my "mains" and I've barely even touched BFA.
I neither know, nor care. It's a bar to fill up that's effectively meaningless to me.

I get that it unlocks new traits, but I hate it and refuse to acknowledge it.
still 23 for both after two weeks of semi doing wq. because I am bored and cant seem to find anything else to do. beside leveling. I am on 14 of them. but man that nerf bat to experience and stats suck. so have to alternate so I want get down. yeah 2 levels a hour sucks. 4 if we can get bg to run a few times.
21.5 on my main, and 20 on my alt. I don't do daily WQ and only occasionally do the emissaries. I don't even unlock the last trait on my 340 piece until 27 because my 370 helm and chest apparently inflate the level needed even for lower ilvl pieces, so... it's kind of demotivating.
21 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
10/10/2018 11:39 PMPosted by Dvis
Lots of people around level 22... coincidentally, that's also Gurgthock's HoA level.

It’s where most will be all revered for pathfinder lol.

Way it is for me anyway. Level 22 both chars atm and its accidental. I just pick close easy wq’s to be in/out done ASAP. Rarely look at rewards. Just go for easy. Just so happens this usually means at least one easy champions on most cache runs.

It got pretty high while I was spamming 7th Legion WQs for the Dark Iron, but I pretty much stopped caring about azerite after that.
22 or 23. Not sure. I refuse to farm AP. I'll get it when I get it through doing other things that I enjoy doing.
Main is 25, can't remember on this guy, he is finishing off Legion reps.

Currently farming CoA rep on my main, which gives a little extra.

Once I get to 27, I probably won't care any more, that's when my final traits get unlocked, but still... Its just an ilvl boost at this point.
28 with 45k to level 29 which I will get before reset next week.

Need level 33 to upgrade my shoulders...
19 is the highest I went. Could care less if it goes any higher(not even trying now). My other couple of 120's are around 13, or 14. Stopped doing the islands, and avoiding the azurite wq's altogether. You will be able to cap the necklace when the catch up mechs are put in anyways lol. So why bother. Said it before. Was not a fan of the artifact power weapon grind in Legion, but heck imo it was a lot better, and more of a motivator to upgrade the cool iconic weapons with great story behind them, than some boring necklace, and the crappy azurite armor associated with it. This is a 110 to 120 alt leveling expansion for me, and then it is break time until the catch up mechanics for the necklace, and pathfinder are 2 are in place.
24-halfway to 25 abouts
At 20 I realized that the necklace was an endless loop of misery and stopped going for miguffinite activities since the necklace is just a boat anchor around the neck, not made to help you thrive, just made to keep you struggling for air for as long as possible.
22 on my main... tbh im not taking this seriously. i havent done island expedition in 2 odd weeks.
20-something. Haven't cared too look or keep track or grind AP. It'll rise as I play. In fact it leveled up a few days ago and it came as a surprise, I was like, oh wow! I can unlock those traits I gave up caring about weeks ago.
I'm not doing that stupid AP grind again. So it's at like, idk. half. .5 or 3. Whatever. Screw that grind to hell. If I stay subbed it'll be to run around doing casual stuff. I'll go back to raiding when they remove the unlimited minipoint treadmill. Or not, and continue to enjoy other games made by other companies.
10/10/2018 11:06 PMPosted by Teneea

My rate of AP acquisition basically dead ended when I cut down on WQs to only do an occasional 4 for an emissary, many of which I have been skipping lately as well.
Same deal. !@#$ that grind. I can't even bring myself to do it again on my alt.

I'm not paying to do chores. If I get AP in the course of things, great, if not %^-* it. So if it becomes a problem for M raiding, I'm tapping out.

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