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Anyone in to Korean movies or dramas or even variety shows?

Some of my favorite dramas: Circle, Duel, Tunnel, Goblin, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Prison Playbook, Signal, Bad Guys: Vile City, Stranger, King of Baking, etc.

Some of my favorite movies are usually crime/revenge thrillers: Mother, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Chaser, The Piper, I saw the Devil, Monster, etc.

Next movie on the watchlist: H
Current drama I am enjoying is God's Gift: 14 Days (because of Cho Seung Woo.) Current variety show: Please take Care of my Fridge which kind of reminds me of the old Japanese Iron Chef without all the theatrics.
Doesn't look like it lol
Their loss I guess...
I am. Catch what I can on Netflix. Love Boys over Flowers, Iris, Strong Girl, Queen Seondeok, etc. I like catching up on some of the variety shows too.

Only a few movies so far.

Netflix is where I first started getting into kdrama. There was a time when they had a huge selection but now its kind of small with a few gems here and there. Netflix has been going, lately, for more cheap drama from countries like Taiwan, China, and Malaysia. Korean stuff is getting popular so the licensing is becoming more expensive. I was subscribed to Dramafever which had the largest selection but they shut down recently citing the rising costs. I'm still not sure where I will get my fix on the latest series. Viki is an option.

As far as Kpop, I'm not really a fan. Seems like its mostly overproduced pop/hip-hop boy/girl bands. I'm more interested in rock (big fan of jrock/vkei) or more traditional music I guess (maybe the Korean Trot genre might be more my style in lieu of rock/metal). I have heard a few good Korean rock bands but there aren't many of them. One krock singer I like is Jung Joon Young.
There was a korean revenge film I watched and really enjoyed because of all the complexities and depth to it but for the life of me while being able to remember specific plot details the name escapes me.
I'm going to guess it was probably Oldboy since it is the most well known.

No. If you want me to go into detail I can.
That's a shame about Dramafever. I was thinking about subscribing at some point. I go back and forth with Prime and they have some older shows sometimes.

Was the revenge film centered on a male or female? The Villainess is pretty recent.
Do tell, Parker!
I love Korean revenge thrillers so it may be something I haven't seen.
The best shows I could find when I was teaching ESL in P'ohang in '97 was the StarCraft channel and this gem on Arirang TV:


Ah . . the good, ole days!

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