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Back in the day as a feral druid I love/hated rogues because I sold goldthorn for 25 g each because they needed tea. FYI thanks for the 1000g gold fast mount speed.
back in the day, Goldshire was normal.

On ALL servers.

We didn't have any of this cross-server tourist crap.

And when Horde showed up, the guards actually killed 'em.
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Back in my day 1000 gold was an astronomical sum of money.Back in my day you had to be rich to afford epic flying.

your "day" wasn't that long ago.

...10 years ago wasn't that long ago? Wow. I feel ancient, and I'm in my 20's.
Back in my day you spent 3 hours auto attacking a low level mob while afk to level a new weapon style, after you paid to train it.
Back in my day level 4's had to fight their way through a cave to get to the quest mob, then fight their way back out through the hostile respawns.
Back in my day you literally had to punch monsters way below you for hours and hours to level your unarmed skills -- you know, just in case you got disarmed and had to punch a fool at 1%.
Back in my day WoW had 12 million subscribers and was fun.
Back in my day, if you had a blue quality item you were cool.

Back in my day if you had a purple quality item you were epic.
As a mage in original kara, i had to level my dagger skills to beat up the mana wyrms after curator, because they were magic immune.
back in my day, when you had to feed pets as a hunter to keep them by your side, and keep their damage up.

back in my day, when pallies where literally a buff bot

back in my day, when hunters used mana
Back in my day I was grateful just to find a Stockade Pauldrons.
Back in my day you had to beach slap murlocs (cause they live on the beach, get it? Geeet it? :D) for hours on end to raise our unarmed weaponry skill.
In my day, we didn't whine about rep farming or gathering mats or time gated content...

...because we were too busy rep farming and gathering mats to even notice we were stuck behind a time gate.

As someone that just re-did the Argent Tournament (from Lich King, you know, the "greatest expansion evar"?!), and was slogging through the TWO OR MORE MONTHS of dailies ... I can say as a fact: very little has changed. People just endlessly whine and b1tc4 about it now. ENDLESSLY... my god...
Back in my day each of my abilities had multiple levels and I had to choice different levels of use during and encounter so I didn't run out of mana.
- Back in my day nobody complained about flying not being there in every third thread
- Back in my day people actually got to know one another in-game even if they weren't in the same guild
- Back in my day world pvp at crossroads and tarren mill/south shore was a blast with less ganking from max levels, and much more competitive/fun
- Back in my day really good gear took longer to get and raids were only seen by a small percentage of the player base
- Back in my day weapon skill grinds were a necessary evil

Could go on and on
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Back in my day, my hunter had to level up pets individually from their original level.

Friend of mine was in a dungeon run where you had to "drop down" and if you didn't dismiss your pet, it would aggro everything as it came back to you.

Everyone in the group was yelling at him to dismiss his pet and, being a neophyte, he never had to do such a thing before, and had no idea how to do it. Everyone kept yelling at him, yelling at him, he got flustered and instead of simply dismissing his pet, he deleted his pet.

He was so upset at the mistake, and the thought of having to re-level his pet all over again... that he quit.

True story. lol
Back in my day, ret paladins main damage came from auto attacks so you got the biggest, slowest two-hander you could find.
Back in my day, hunters had to travel the world to train specific abilities for the pets, like dash.
Back in my day, if you tamed a new level 5 pet at level 60, you then had to level that pet to 60, meanwhile drawing all the aggro onto yourself.
Back in my day, holy paladins wore cloth dresses.
Back in my day, if you didn't know a weapon skill, you had to spend all day swinging at your opponents and missing.
Back in my day, summoning Ivus in AV was a well spent afternoon.
Back in my day, healers had to bring mana pots to instances because they could run out of mana in long fights.
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Back in my day we couldn't see enemy buffs without a mage casting detect magic. (Yes this was a thing!)

Back in my day you would use detect magic to call your sheep target.
Back in the day...

Making an alt was a lot of work. Making a main was a lot of work.

Now everyone has ten thousand alts they main AND on both factions.
Back in my day shaman carried ankhs and we had a key ring :c

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