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Hi, I am trying to make this work

/cast [mod:shift] Feral Jump
/castsequence Rockbiter, Flametongue

Is it possible to put a cast with a cast sequence? If so how?
/castsequence [mod:shift]Feral Jump;Rockbiter,Flametongue
10/14/2018 02:00 AMPosted by Steelfistv
/castsequence [mod:shift]Feral Jump;Rockbiter,Flametongue
Have you tested this? I don't think it works quite this way.

Cast sequence's syntax is this:/castsequence [options]reset=condition spell1, spell2, spell3, ..., spellnThere's no provision that I'm aware of for a semi-colon in the middle and I've never seen anyone attempt to stack two different castsequence commands together this way.

If it works, let me know. I'll have to alter my macro parser.
Well. darn it.

It works.

There's a phrase I would usually use here that when applied to a person is more politely said by wishing that said person, upon his next outing in his boat on a nearby lake, might suffer a catastrophic failure of said boat and wait forlornly and hopelessly as his mother is unsuccessful in raising help as she runs barking along the shore.
See, this is what happens when you work from the actual syntax diagram trying to do this sort of thing.

My macro parser correctly parses out this goofy stacked castsequence even though I never imagined that it was a legit thing.


There's an EBNF diagram for the macro API here if anyone's curious. This is what I worked out from:
I would have said this:
/cast [mod:shift] Feral Jump
/castsequence [nomod:shift]Rockbiter, Flametongue

And I'm also surprised that this
/castsequence [mod:shift]Feral Jump;Rockbiter,Flametongue

worked exactly the same

Just for the heck of it I tried this:
/castsequence [mod:shift]Feral Jump;reset=target Rockbiter,Flametongue
And it also worked.
Yeah, you can stack everything after a nominal /castsequence command with another and another and another using conditions and semi-colons just like you can with /cast or /use or /spell.

I updated the entry for /castsequence to reflect that.

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