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*I forgot to add in the title, I main Alliance!*

Hello everyone!

I am a fairly casual wow player (due to daytime commitments, job, child, etc) at this time. I am slacking behind so far in BFA and would like to do semi-casual heroics and eventually raids with friendly people. I'm in my 30s so adults are preferable. I'm available to play almost every night after 9 p.m. EST until about 11-12 EST or so.

I did some raiding in WOTLK mainly and Cata, but then tapered off due to a daytime busy schedule. I'm sometimes on during the afternoon while my child naps.

I've been doing it alone so far since the xpac released day one lol. I'm lonely!!! I'm quite an introvert, so if you are introverted and don't want stressful interactions, then no fear! :)

If you would like to do stuff together (bgs, heroics etc) please add me on bnet: Surelda3#1398

Talk to you soon!!! :)
You may want to read our community post and see if that sounds like something you're looking for? I have similar hours myself (I don't play until the kiddo goes to bed, so 8 Eastern or so). Not sure how you feel about RP, but even if you just want to hang out with other similar gamers, it may be worth a look. Let me know what you think!


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