[H] 4/8M | <Pathetic>

Wyrmrest Accord
Current Progression:
8/8H Uldir
4/8M Uldir

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday - 6pm - 9pm PST
Wednesday - 6pm - 9pm PST

NB: We're considering adding in a third raid day in later tiers. However when we start M Fetid progression our raid times will switch to 6pm - 10pm PST on both nights, there will be a 15 minute break halfway through the raid night to compensate for the extended hours.

Recruitment Needs:
Hunter: HIGH
Mage: HIGH
Priest (Shadow): MEDIUM
Warlock: MEDIUM

Of course any exceptional players regardless of class are considered!

About Us:

<Pathetic> is a dedicated raiding team formed at the start of Battle for Azeroth. We're a tight-knit group of friends who have all known each other for years and bring a variety of raiding backgrounds to the table. Some hail from world top 100 guilds such as <Unlucky> on Jubei'thos, <Midwinter> on Sargeras and others from a lighter Mythic raiding experience from guilds like <Imperium> on Wyrmrest Accord and <step dad> on Mal'ganis and some of us are completely new to raiding as a whole.

Regardless, we welcome any and all players with however much or little raiding experience so long as you have the competitive drive and iron stomach. Our focus is to not just be a raiding guild but a raiding community: if you put the time and effort into us, we'll do the same for you whether it be helping you drill mechanics into your head, building a UI or offering that criticism you need.

Warlockanap#6423 (GM / Raid Leader)
faf#11452 (Recruitment Officer)
ZergsPwnsOrcs#1998 (Officer)
Grimwing#1742 (Melee Officer)
Moogle#1416 (Healing Officer)
wow good guild
I joined <Top Men> and now I can run a sub 5 minute mile!
Online! Come apply!
Online now!
Give me 20 good men pls.
bring me the recruits. Bump.
Just curious but how are guilds with less raid time and more progg considered a "lighter mythic" experience... That doesn't make much sense
It means the guild raiding less time with more prog is better than the guild raiding more time with less prog.

Anyway, I raid with these guys on my WRA alt - they're good, and getting better.

If you can absorb information and want to prog Mythic, app. :)
hiya come raid with us next week
I know we're a lighter mythic experience and all, but I'd be happy to provide assistance on how to kill Mythic Zek'voz and Vectis if you wanted sometime. Happy Halloween! :)
personal loot in bfa
Did you know: i am powered up and recruiting atm
epic guild truly epic (i dont have a gun pointed at my head to make this post)
if you lift a kangaroo's tail off the ground it cant hop

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