Describe BFA in 4 words

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It's just more Legion.
Three days until unsubbed!
You wake up and
Flying still held hostage
High hopes, Bitter disappointment
10/24/2018 07:53 PMPosted by Swiftraven
writing team on drugs

You ship your pants?

I shipped my pant.
new wpvp foundation failed
Diarrhea in a bottle.
only need one word.....Garbage.
I will miss Wow :(
Control C Control V.
Needs developers that understand.
*Straight up HOT GARBAGE

*Bli$$ard killed this game

*Thanks for ruining wow
Ion made a mistake.
Launched way before ready.
Azerite armor blows chunks
10/26/2018 09:52 AMPosted by Loh
Ion made a mistake.

Ion IS a mistake.

Fixed that for ya bud.
It's just 8.0 guys!
I'd rather have WoD

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