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Ad and D something or other on AOL (way too expensive.)

Diku Text mud

Ultima Online Pre Alpha, the most promising.
Ultima Online Beta.
Ultima Online Final Game, which was pretty much junk.


Shadowbane (junk, only tried the beta, which was very bad)

Anarchy Online

Asheron's Call

EQ2 beta (junk, never went beyond the beta.)

Asheron's Call 2(beta, plug was pulled before final)

Dark Ages of Camelot (I forget the order in here, basically, of what came out when)

FFXI (somewhere in here, did not run well on my computer I had at the time.)

City of Heroes (until I got in the beta for Wow)

Wow (Important to note here that this was the game that got me out of Everquest; Yes, old EQ was still the MMORPG I played after so many of those other ones did not hold my interest.)

Lord of the Rings Online (mistake, but was very bored in Vanilla Wow, before getting into the BC beta)

ESO on the Xbox One, something different.

FFXIV, for when I'm bored in BFA.
Everquest from 1999-2004 -

Like someone else said, amazing game for its time. Never had the polish of WoW, but if you can imagine 3d cpu gaming did not come out that long before 1999, having a living breathing world to explore at that time was amazing. It is the first and only time I actually felt like another world existed. There were next to no strats and spoilers online either, so the game was a massive mystery, Went all the way up to killing Quarm during the Planes of Power expansion (and I main tanked it, which is even crazier as those who played the game knew warriors had to be even more dedicated to guilds and also had the highest gear check in the game). Game required a huge chunk of your life.

World of Warcraft from 2004-2018 -

I went to college the year this came out. The timing was perfect as there was no way I could dedicate the crazy hours I was putting into Everquest anymore. WoW introduced a game where a casual player could actually have meaningful progression. The polish was amazing for a MMorpg at the time. While my main character in WoW still does not have the /played time my main in Everquest has, I have really enjoyed the 14 years of casual play in WoW.

MMORPGS I dabbled in: Warhammer online, and recently ESO.
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MUD's and forward.

Look and see if Materia Magica is still up and available if you want to experience a MUD. it also has stuff that lets blind and other people play with txt to voice and such so a lot of players towards the end were those who couldn't see visual stuff and TXT was hard.

My earliest rpg stuff would have been zork on computers

I playes D&D starting with Chainmail and the white books but got into the first red books.

Moved into the world of darkness esp mage the ascension

Lot of time with home brewed systems

GURPs adaptations galore


Liked AEON Trinity and adapted it's system to play a mage the ascension game since the magic system in it can be a bit abstract.

Probably a lot more and lived the evolution towards MMORPGs from the early stuff and what not.

started WOW in 2004 on advice of pen and paper rpg friends in real life where we used vanilla wow to get together and create our own stories over the internet as we were getting spread out over time for evening sessions aroung the pizza n beer. across the country.

Wow, someone who knows what Chainmail is. Usually, if I mention it, people just give me a blank look.

As for computer gaming...started off with the BBS system. CoX (City of Heroes/City of Villians) was my first MMORPG. I started playing roughly 2005 and played until it closed in 2012. Started in WoW in 2010, but only played it intermittently until 2012. After CoX closed I started playing WoW as my main MMORPG. I've played a number of other things in between, but no game has really kept me interested the way WoW has...I love the lore and the feeling of history the game has.

As for features? I loved the way the base system worked for housing. You had to buy your base plot size, you had to either buy or make everything you put in the base, yeah, there were some bennies in there like teleporters and such, but players didn't park in them like garrisons, if you wanted to update/upgrade your base you had to get out there and work for monies to buy stuff or drops to make stuff. If you weren't interested in base building? You could sell the drops you get to the AH and make monies off of it, so it benefited both sides.

There were a lot of other things that I loved about CoX, but that one is pretty much at the top of my list.

TL:DR, CoX then WoW and I loved CoX bases.
City of Heroes was my first MMO. I loved it, and you can imagine how upset I was when it was shut down. I then went into EvE Online, Star Trek Online, Order and Chaos 2, and finally WoW last summer.
I played DAOC every day 2001-2004, then switched to WoW in WoW's 2d week.

DAOC was one of the 3 most popular MMOs while WoW was being developed. WoW copied a TON of things from it, while fixing DAOC's biggest problems:
(1) too long between towns, even on a horse
(2) could not solo quest: it was too slow
- tanks/dps kill quick, then regain health very slowly between fights
- healers stay at high health, but kill very slowly

DAOC was great for altoholics like me. It had 3 factions, and each had 8 to 10 classes (of its own), so there was almost 30 classes to level up. And I did.

DAOC had a bunch of regular dungeons, and one central dungeon (Darkness Falls) that was huge, and had entrances for all 3 factions.

DAOC had player housing (added in 2002).

DAOC had a variety of raids, for large groups. I did hundreds of those.

Each faction had a bunch of PVE zones, and then there were several connected PVP zones. Groups of 8 would run through the PVP areas to enemy castles, and fight them while others defended them.

DAOC added player-built and player-maintained castles in one expansion.
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I made another post today about feeling old, and I received quite a few comments about their journey on other MMOs before WoW.

So which MMORPGs you played before WoW? What features did you enjoy there that WoW could benefit?

For me I am not from the US, so I think the majority here don't know the MMOs I will mention:

Old school Tibia - From 2002 to 2006 (When you died, you could lose your loot and level, think on the adrenaline during PVP).
MU online - 2006 to 2007
RF Online - 2008 to 2012

Then I joined WoW in Cataclysm.

RIP RF Online, never had so much fun with PVP in a MMORPG. The CW wars were epic and had such a sense of rivalry against the 3 factions.

I remember going to the war searching for specific players that killed me last time, so I could have my revenge! There's some good ideas for PVP there Blizzard!

Earth and Beyond > City of Heroes > WOW (with occasional trips to SWTOR and Marvel Heroes)
Starwars Galaxies
World of Warcraft
Guild Wars
Perfect World
Guild Wars 2
Final Fantasy XIV
Elder Scrolls Oline
EVE Online
MU / Lineage 2 - 2004- 2008
Silkroad online - 2005 -2006
WOW - 2008 - 2018
aion - 2009-2010
RIFT online - 2011 -2013
Archeage NA - 2014
AOL's NwN (1996) was my first MMO. After that, just about every MMO in the market.
I didn't play any MMORPG before WoW. I have checked out a small handful of them after I started WoW.

TERA was the only one that kept me interested for any length of time. I actually loved it (particularly the art/graphic style and the combat system), but my friends who were playing with me lost interest fairly quickly, and I gave it up because I didn't want to play without them around.

I have considered giving FF14 a look but haven't gotten around to it yet.

edit: I did play around with Firefall for a while, but that was more like....an MMO shooter with a few RPG elements. I don't know that I'd classify it as an MMORPG. It was still a lot of fun though. Very sad that game went down the crapper the way it did. :|
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(Another Korean game that the name now eludes me, but was so long ago.)

Aeon by chance?

No. Though that was one I did poke at.

It has/had a pvp world. Sci-Fantasy. Robots, elves. I remember my girl having a sword twice her size! *Even a deeper google search failed me. XD*
The first MMO I ever played was either Lineage or Everquest Adventures... can't remember which one came first.

Then I got Final Fantasy XI and that was probably the first MMO I really go into playing.

Pretty much played FFXI up until '07 when my roommate at the time showed me WOW. Saw I could make a minotaur (didn't know they were called Tauren back then) and that was all it took. I like playing non-traditional races.

Since then I've tried a few other MMOs:
D&D: Online

But I've always stuck with WOW as my main MMO. SWTOR and FFXIV almost had me, but I really don't like EA and I ended up not caring for FFXIV's class design.
RO for a while then Istaria.

I'd love Istaria's crafting to be added to wow, but that'll never happen given it's engine. They had housing too but their housing system was horrible. Massive empty plots throughout zones as far as the eye can seen. I'd love to see player housing done in wow but not like that, no thank you.
First mmorpg I played? pirates of the carribean when I was in elementry. I briefly played runescape and fusionfall as well back in this like 2006-8 era. Near the end of 5th grade and during 6th grade I played Dungeons and dragons online. I played it off and on for a few years as well after that. 7th grade I got into WoW while continuing to play DDO off and on. WoW I have played since mid cata off and on due to sub cost and me still being in grade school as well as not having a very good PC and thus playing mostly console games. I played ESO on console when it released for a few months and I also bought it on PC back at the start of 2017. When 7.3 came out I was finally in a stable position. I decided to start over with a brand new account and I have been subbed since then.
Runescape => WoW

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