[H] monk/war LF raiding guild

[H] 365 ww/mw monk and 360 dps war lf raiding guild.

hi im from the US that can only raid after 12am local time (6pm ST?). currently 8/8h. been looking for a late night raiding guild. hope to find one here. if you have any questions u can reach me BT: uzma#11784. tnx

BT uzma#11784
Hi Ugotstomped - <Goomz> might fit the times you're after, and we're very much after both a MW monk and strong dps. I've sent you a friend request - but feel free to add me on Btag - Krimsonmyst#1273
Hi i read your post.
I am speaking on behalf of my guild Inquisitive.
We are 8/8 heroic. Gathering numbers to push mythic.
Would really hope to have a chat with you to find out if you are keen to join us.
Please do add me blitztiger#11255
Very friendly guild, we run keys often and are very active.
Our raid times are Sunday and Monday 8pm-12am GMT+8

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