Screen sleep -> WoW dies

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I've noticed that when I go AFK long enough that the screen is put to sleep, upon waking up, WoW is unresponsive. It's not even possible to alt-tab out or force quit it. I have to try to keyboard restart the Mac and wait for WoW to fail to force quit.

This never happened with true fullscreen, because that mode prevented the screen from sleeping.
having the same issue, the only i noticed in addition is the music still plays and cursor works just nothing else
Just adding my confirmation of this issue. I am in full screen mode, go AFK, come back and WoW is signed out playing music in the background, the cursor works but the UI is unresponsive to clicks or keyboard. Bringing up the force quit window shows WoW as unresponsive. Requires a force quit and restart.

I am using a MacBook Pro 13" screen, running WoW on full screen 1280x800.
Which version of the OS? Mojave is having issues in this area so assuming 10.14.1, but if it's not, it'd be good to know.

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