What spec will you main for your zandalar druid

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I'll most likely go balance as it's my fav spec with a hint of healer off spec.
i puked in my mouth -.-
Balance Druid for Zandalari and Kul'Tiran.
Probably not Balance or Resto, as those are the specs I play now. Hopefully they'll fix Guardian damage and do something further about Feral...
Hard to say, I'm leaning towards feral though for Zandalari.
None cause I am a hunter not a drood.
Well, I've been Balance for the last 4 expansions and I'm not going back to healing so... Balance.
Burdkin. That's what I want to call that form.
Gnome. There is only one choice.

11/02/2018 09:00 AMPosted by Legionkiller
None cause I am a hunter not a drood.
But why own a kitty when you can be the kitty?
11/02/2018 09:03 AMPosted by Grumbles
Gnome. There is only one choice.


I've said this before but if gnome druids were a thing they should all be the baby forms, cub for bear, small owlkitten for feral (like those legion ones we herded), the bnet store battle pet for moonkin (you know the one), and for resto I dunno.
I would go guardian only because I love that bear form. To bad guardian sucks right now.

Edit: By sucks I mean boring.
Beast master
Restro I need a healer apt.
Feral, damn, if I faction change, the Zandalari are going to be 100% of the reason.
Do we know the racials yet? Zanda druids look amazing but this charge...

It's so good..

Also resto for life
Feral. Im gonna play him as a dinomancer but that Feral Ballance of Power skin is the perfect Kimbul skin as well if I wanna go that route.

And no, Im not race changing my main. A true troll fan needs one of each tribe.

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