[H] Hey-Barth (2/8M)

Hey (2/8M) is a 3 night a week guild (Wed/Thurs/Mon 8pm to 11pm Server Time) on Barthilas US. We have a strong focus on mythic progression, whilst also having as much fun as legally possible. Our guild is also host to a strong Mythic+ community, basically ensuring that if you are wanting to get in a key there is bound to be someone running something.

Due to some recent losses in our ongoing battle with the Real Life boss, we currently have a position for a strong Ranged DPS player or Healer to join our team in Mythic Prog. Exceptional Melee DPS should definitely apply as well as room will always be made for great players/awesome people in our guild.

If you would like to apply or simply find out more information, contact:

Jim#14149/Girth#1283 in-game or Bert#5390 through Discord.
Still looking for that last one or two DPS for Mythic Prog.
Still chasing DPS or Heals for Mythic Prog.

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