Herald of the Titans

Couple questions about the state of this achievement currently

1.) Is it doable with the stat squish currently or is this something that will have to be fixed at some point?

2.) Now that pretty much all level 80 gear caps off at ilvl100 how do we go about gearing for this achievement? Is it even necessary to get gear anymore? Is it doable in just looms and random rares/epics?

It's looking like my loom pieces are in almost ever case better than the Ulduar drops ive gotten so I'm a tad confused and guides for the achievement that Ive seen online aren't updated for the squish yet.

Any tips, or answers are greatly appreciated!
It was broken immediately following the stat squish, but I believe it was fixed.

I believe you still prefer the BIS gear with the gem slots and such.

I think Vills from the Achievements Discord is updating his guide.

Thank you so much! This Discord server sounds perfect I'm sure I'll turn to it for a lot of things down the line! Much appreciated

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